Cadillac Celestiq Teases More Metal In New Images, Looks Promising

The Cadillac Lyriq and the Escalade V are immediate examples of Cadillac’s push to become a major player against European luxury benchmarks. But hiding in the shadows is the Cadillac Celestiq which was touted to be the flagship for Cadillac’s all-electric ambitions. It’s not often that we get to see teasers of it, but this latest round appears to confirm that it will reassert the role that design will play in the Ultium family.


Celestiq’s Red Paint Draws Stares

Like other Celestiq images of the past, there’s not much to make out here but there are some valuable nuggets of information that become apparent when you take a closer look. The left front fender is arguably the best view yet of the Celestiq and it not only shows off a lovely shade of red, but also an impressive degree of detail with the piece itself being long and mounted low with the elegant rim adding some contrast.

The rest of the pictures are close up shots of some elements that we have seen in the past, however the image of a bolt bearing the “Standard Of The World” does indicate that Cadillac has been taking notes from Bentley and Rolls Royce and is trying to position the Celestiq to be in the same club as offerings from Bentley and Rolls Royce. The Celestiq is supposed to be a sedan but it’s unclear if it will be a formal four-door or if it will be a liftback with the latter being a recent trend among some European brands. Either way, look for it to command a hefty premium, with rumors suggesting that it will have a base price starting at over $200,000.


When Can I Buy One? 

Cadillac isn’t ready to talk on a timeline for the Celestiq’s rollout but revealed that more teaser images will be released on the General Motors Design Instagram page throughout the summer. Look for the Celestiq to make its debut either later this year or early next year which would follow along prior date estimates that we have heard from Cadillac in the past.