Cadillac Teases Celestiq Flagship Sedan, Confirms Novel Dimming Sunroof [Video]

The race to electrification is heating up, and Cadillac is out to show the world that it still has what it takes to bring the fight to the Germans in a rapidly developing segment. The Lyriq was the first stanza in this push, but the luxury brand has now added a crescendo to the mix with the first ever teaser of its upcoming Celstiq flagship sedan.

Electrifying The Flagship

Celestiq 1

It wasn’t too long ago that American flagship sedans were known for being floaty luxury filled barges that were filled to the brim with coddling extras, but lacked the motivation to excel in sipping fuel. Thankfully that trend has long since been abandoned with the Cadillac CT6 showing the world that fuel economy and S-Class challenging luxury could indeed co-exist in a domestic offering. The Celestiq aims to move the needle further and is out to show the world what a production all electric Cadillac flagship can look like.

While the teasers Cadillac supplied this time around obscured most of the car in shadows, we do get a few peeks at what makes it special. The front fascia for example takes a page or two out of the Lyriq’s playbook with Cadillac designers adding lighting elements along the front fascia of the car which are accented on either side by bold LED running lights. The headlights themselves are sleek squinty units, and the Cadillac badge glows proudly in the center.

Other design touches include bold C-Pillar helps add some excitement to the presentation while elegant taillights flow and coil around the rear of the car. The Celestiq also appears to have a liftback style body, but until Cadillac chooses to bring it more into the light we will have to wait and find out if that suspicion is indeed true.


Technology Headlines Celestiq’s Luxury Undertones

The interior of the Celestiq promises to be a luxurious paradise for buyers, but for the moment we get a glimpse at some of the technology that Cadillac will be giving its flagship. This includes a full width digital display that appears to be a response to Mercedes-Benz and its recently announced MBUX Hyperscreen system. Like others of its kind, the screen quality here is very crisp, and it appears to be a welcome evolution of the Escalade’s OLED setup.

But the biggest trump card here (for now) is found in the sunroof which can be electronically dimmed at the push of a button. That particular bit of technology is not new with the Toyota Venza and select others having the same ability. However, the Celestiq stands out by allowing occupants to darken a desired section of the glass versus the whole thing. This is achieved with special suspended particle smart glass which is then divided into four zones to help give occupants independent control of how much sunlight enters their part of the cabin.

Backseat occupants also get to enhance their limousine like experience with their own screens that also come with their own suite of privacy technology so prying eyes can’t see what the other is watching.


Performance Is Finally Given The Chance To Shine

The Cadillac Celstiq will be the biggest sedan in Cadillac’s lineup but don’t mistake it for being a left footed tortoise when it comes time to do some spirited driving. Unlike some of its floatier ancestors, the Celestiq is a follower of the CT6’s school of performance with the car promising to be just as nimble on its feet as that car was. But unlike that axed offering, the Celestiq is primed to make a bigger impact thanks to its standard all-wheel drive system as well as a new four wheel steering system. The latter would be the first time such a system has been offered on a production Cadillac and it should make the Celestiq a driver’s delight in corners.

But its electrified components will ultimately steal the show with the Celestiq being the latest recipient of GM’s Ultium battery technology. GM has said in the past that Ultium can deliver up to 400 miles of driving range when configured for maximum driving range. The Ultium batteries can be configured to a wide range of tasks and that means multiple battery capacities to help provide just the right amount of range and juice.


When Will The Production Celestiq Appear?

Like other GM electric models, buyers of the Celestiq will have to wait a bit before they have the opportunity to add one to their garage. Cadillac confirmed that the Celestiq is “headed to production in the near future” but a key caveat here is that will be after the Lyriq makes its way to dealerships. That model is slated to appear sometime in 2022 which could mean that the Celestiq might not make its production debut until sometime in 2025.