~1936 Delahaye 135 S Competition Roadster at Amelia [35 Photos]

There is something really spectacular about “finding” a priceless exotic car just parked silently.  Slid into a space like any Camry, locked and left alone for however long.  The location helps.  This back lot is behind the Amelia Island Ritz residences.  On Concours weekend.  Which does tend to help the selection.

WHen the car in question is the stunningly fast, low and lean Delahaye 135S Competition Roadster!?

The patina of this car — its dull paintwork, its myriad road rash scars, and its unpolished brass grille details — shows it is likely authentic.  Sick, perhaps, but we thought it might be a replica: too good to be true?

Alas, few details available on the machine other than what is clear to see.  Favorite visuals?  Bullet-streamlined nose, low-slung headlamps, ultra long hood with rudely cut top squares as intakes?!

How about the cleanly shrouded wheelarches that make a teardrop shape?  Or the twin micro windscreens and almost comically tiny doors.

This machine is a design masterpiece.  So different in its raw power than the cruisier Delahayes, yet also so true to marque.


~1936 Delahaye 135 S Competition Roadster