Ford Unveils Refreshed 2022 Expedition, New Trim Levels And Technology Form Bulk Of Changes

The current generation Ford Expedition is entering its fourth model year of service. But while the big utility is still a top go to for family buyers, some aspects of its game were starting to age badly in the face of relentless competition. Ford has taken note, and has given the family hauler a light refresh for 2022 that aims to sharpen its resolve while also allowing it to stay on the curve with rivals like the Chevrolet Suburban and the Jeep Wagoneer family.


Light Exterior Refresh Nips And Tucks The Expedition’s Functionality

At first glance, the exterior revisions on the 2022 Ford Expedition appear modest with the front fascia receiving the bulk of the changes. An updated grille makes its presence known with the headlights actually wrapping around the new grille piece. The lighting is also notable for embracing an all LED layout with the old units being scrapped. The rear also houses new taillights and the broader look back there has also been tweaked for a sportier appearance. The fullextend of the changes will entirely depend on which trim level you go for with the Timberline, Stealth Performance Package, and the range-topping Platinum model all doing a better job of standing out from each other. This helps eliminate the slight cookie-cutter vibe that once defined older Expeditions and we think it especially benefits the Timberline the most.


Timberline and Stealth Performance Package Add New Flavors To Expedition Lineup.

Another big change for 2022 is that two new models will join the established trim ladder in the Expedition family. The first will be an all-new Timerline variant of the Expedition. Like the smaller Explorer version, the Expedition Timberline is designed to be a light trail buster with this model getting splashes of orange accents inside and out, a model exclusive front grille, black wheels, and slightly tweaked front and rear bumpers that enhance ground clearance.

Timberlines also get some light off-road upgrades to make it more trail-ready including 33-inch all-terrain tires, front and rear steel skid plates lifted from the F-150 Raptor, a limited slip differential and seven different driving modes with Ford’s Trail Turn Assist technology also being baked into the package. The interior of the Timberline also gets Cypress Green accents and unlike other Expedition trims, the Timberline will only be powered by Ford’s range-topping 3.5 liter twin-turbo V6 which makes 440 hp and a stout 510-lb-ft of torque. It also doesn’t hurt either that this model has the highest suspension clearance of any Expedition model with this rugged variant sporting 10.6 inches of clearance.

On the other end of the spectrum is the Stealth Performance Package. On;y available on the Expedition Limited, this model focuses on street appeal and like the pure Stealth model that preceded it, is mostly a glorified blackout package with this version getting black wheels, a blacked-out grille, and splashes of black on the mirror caps, roof rails and other spots of the exterior. The interior is blacked out too with the only exception being red contrast stitching that runs along the steering wheel and the seats. As mentioned, this is a styling package, but Ford engineers did add a slice of performance to this variant, with all Stealth Performance Package models coming with a standard adaptive sport suspension.


Expedition Interior Has Splashes Of Mach-E Influence, Welcome Revisions

Slip inside the 2022 Ford Expedition, and you’ll see that some welcome upgrades have been made to make it more appealing to SUV buyers. The clunky infotainment screen of the past has been scrapped with base Expeditions now coming with a default 12-inch infotainment screen. Buyers can go bigger from here though and equip select versions with the same 15-inch unit that also sees duty in the Mustang Mach-E. A fully digital instrument cluster will also make its way to the Expedition for the first time ever. The dashboard has also been reworked and now adopts a lowered appearance that also aims to slightly widen it too.

An updated rear entertainment system has been added for 2022 and audiophiles will appreciate the optional 22-speaker Bang & Olufsen sound system when it comes time to listen to their favorite tunes. The Expedition will also come with Ford’s BlueCruise automated highway driving technology, but while it will be standard on the range-topping Platinum, other trims will only be able to obtain it as an optional extra.


When Can I Buy A 2022 Ford Expedition?

Ford chose to not reveal final pricing information in today’s release, but the company did reveal that the 2022 Ford Expedition will go on sale towards the beginning of next year, with those fore-mentioned details being released closer to its official launch. We don’t expect too much change in the broad pricing charts, but look for select options like BlueCruise to have a noticeable premium on certain trims like the Platinum model. We will also be on the ground at the 2022 Motor Bella event in Pontiac, Michigan so stay tuned for live images and other content from the event.