Lotus Unveils 2022 Emira Packages And European Pricing, U.S. Gets To Wait

The 2022 Lotus Emira will serve as the final swan song for ICE-powered Lotus offerings before the storied British sports car maker embraces an all-electric future. But while the Emira looks gorgeously elegant and seems to have the performance essentials to make it stand out from the crowd, we still had some questions especially surrounding the final price tag. Lotus has been listening and has put the Emira’s configurator online that gives us a look at the various packages on hand and initial pricing.


Emira Pricing Puts It In The Running With Porsche And Others

Before we go on any further, we might as well reveal that there’s one small caveat with today’s release and that’s the pricing here is for the European market with Lotus revealing that U.S. customers will have to wait a bit longer to see what the pricing situation looks like on our shores. In the meantime, European customers will be paying €95,995 for a base Emira First Edition while U.K. home market buyers will be asked to part with £75,995. That works out to about $112,000 and $104,000 in current exchange rates, but these figures could change between now and when the Emira’s stateside information is revealed.

Regardless of what the pricing situation ultimately becomes, buyers will be getting alot for their hard-earned investment. All V6 First Edition models (a four-cylinder version is coming at some point in 2023) will arrive with a standard six-speed manual gearbox, and not only will it have First Edition badging splashed in certain spots, but it will also come with some notable performance upgrades, including 20-inch forged alloy wheels, and two-piece brake calipers with disc brakes all around.

These First Editions will also come with a small group of optional packages, but we’ll focus on some of the more prominent packages offered here. The Driver’s Pack is the most performance-oriented one of the bunch and gives the driver’s the choice of two suspension setups (Tour and Sport), with Tour being the one to go for buyers looking for a more comfort-focused ride. Sport, as the name implies, is where the Emira gets to flex its handling muscles. Choosing between the two also comes with a choice of rubber, with Tour versions equipped with Goodyear Eagle F1 Supersport Tires. Sport versions get stickier Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Tires which serve to further accent the handling.

Lastly, the Convivence Package adds welcome features such as rain-sensing wipers, front parking sensors, auto-dimming mirrors, and a rear backup camera. Look for this particular package to be tweaked a bit in the U.S. since federal law dictates that all vehicles have to come with a standard rear backup camera.


Vibrant Colors To Define First Edition Emira, Four Cylinder Model Coming In 2023?

Lotus reps claim that more colors will eventually be coming to the Emira, but for now, buyers will have a choice from six different colors: Seneca Blue, Hethel Yellow, Magma Red, Dark Verdant, Shadow Grey, and Nimbus Grey. These colors are somewhat reminiscent of the wild hues that we have seen in past iterations of the Elise and the Evora, and look for them to make the Emira a prominent part of the sports car crowd.

Lotus also revealed that the fore-mentioned four-cylinder model will be coming in 2023 with a tentative base price of £59,995. The rest of the story surrounding this model is shrouded in mystery, but that price is equivalent to $82,000, which would undercut the aging and soon-to-be-axed Evora model. The four-cylinder would also help the Emira be an attractive fuel-saving sports car purchase, but we will have to wait until we eventually have the chance to see it in person to issue a final judgment.