Ford Expedition Timberline Pricing Leaked, Reportedly Starts At $68,385

The Ford Expedition Timberline fired a warning shot at the Jeep Wagoneer when it debuted at the 2021 Motor Bella extravaganza in Detroit. While a mini monsoon prevented us from getting to know it better, Ford is confident that this flavor of Expedition will be a good Jeep rival. However, pricing information remained elusive. But thanks to a report from Ford Authority, it appears that Ford has covered all angles when it comes to dethroning the Wagoneer.   Trail Ready Fun That Stays Under $70k Ford Authority claims that it gathered its findings from sources “familiar with the 2022 Expedition …

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Ford Expedition Timberline Off-Grid Concept Goes Extra Mile For Trail Ready Capability

The recently unveiled 2022 Ford Expedition Timberline aimed to bring extra off-road capability to the large family hauler while also jumpstarting the Timberline sub-brand. But with a high-ranking Jeep rep going on record to throw shade at the Timberline’s trail credentials, it appears that Ford wanted to set the record straight and has unveiled the Ford Expedition Timberline Off-Grid concept.    Beefier Styling Adds Butch Vibes To Expedition Off-Grid Concept In addition to perhaps silencing Jeep’s online trolling, the Expedition Off-Grid is also designed to cater to the growing trend of more off-road buyers embracing the overland lifestyle. The concept …

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Ford Unveils Refreshed 2022 Expedition, New Trim Levels And Technology Form Bulk Of Changes

The current generation Ford Expedition is entering its fourth model year of service. But while the big utility is still a top go to for family buyers, some aspects of its game were starting to age badly in the face of relentless competition. Ford has taken note, and has given the family hauler a light refresh for 2022 that aims to sharpen its resolve while also allowing it to stay on the curve with rivals like the Chevrolet Suburban and the Jeep Wagoneer family.   Light Exterior Refresh Nips And Tucks The Expedition’s Functionality At first glance, the exterior revisions …

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Jeep Wagoneer Family Vs Ford Expedition How Does It Measure Up?

The dust is still settling off of Jeep‘s unveiling of the 2022 Jeep Wagoneer family. We went into depth on the duo here, but we wanted to dive deep and see how the Wagoneer and the Grand Wagoneer measure up against a key rival, the 2021 Ford Expedition. The big Ford is arguably one of the most popular family haulers in the market today and will undoubtedly be a potent measuring stick for the Wagoneer. Check out how the tale of the tape measures up below.   The War Of Styling Favors Wagoneer When it comes to aesthetics, we think …

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2018 Ford Expedition Platinum – HD Road Test Review

If you love big trucks and fast Fords…. the 2018 Expedition will be a game-changer for your family. Here is a truck so full of substantive improvements and taste upgrades that a reviewer barely knows where to start. How about 10-speed automatic and chassis rigidity that is through-the-roof versus any Expedition before. And then there is exterior style that takes time to even sink in.  Ultra-modern. Best LEDs on the road. Stance for days comes naturally with these new alloy body panels. We have a terrific drive video, 100 photos and standard headers below for this class-leading full-size SUV.   HD …

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Rigid Industries LED best gif

DIY Car Mods – Rigid Industries Dually LED High-Beams Are The Best

A quick plug for Rigid Industries LED lighting products. They are outstanding! There is a premium price, but you will realize why the moment they arrive. These things feel like you could drop them off a building and they would still light up. And that is helpful — because LEDs that are cheap often take just as long to mount and fit and wire and test— then the cheap things fail 4 weeks later. What a waste of time and money! I have these LED Dually lights as my Subaru Legacy GT’s high-beams and they are so bright it really …

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2015 Expediton Ruby Red Header GIF998

2015 Expedition COLORS and Animated Turntables

2015 Expedition COLORS and Animated Turntables Updated with real-life photography as well as the latest colorizer and a few animated spinners of Green Gem and Ruby Red via’s visualizer tool. In truth, the latest Expedition fails to excite me very much. But the upgraded cabin and suspension tech are very welcome for this big truck, especially when paired with the latest EcoBoost V6 — which will be a welcome addition versus the old 4.6 and 5.4-liter V8s that were previously still the Expedition’s only offering. Overall, however, it is brand loyalty that will sway most shoppers toward the Expedition …

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2015 Ford Expedition — New for Dallas Auto Show! 3.5L EcoBoost and Active Suspensions Promise Improvements Across-the-Board

This one slipped by me yesterday! Ford has revealed the 2015 Expedition ahead of its public debut soon at the Dallas-Fort Worth Auto Show. Why Texas? This is a huge market for the largest automobiles on Earth, and a significant earner for Ford Trucks. Dallas and Houston are the first and second top-selling DMA’s for the Expedition since 2011. In addition, the smaller show should ensure a bit more attention on the Expedition versus competing for flashbulbs in LA, Detroit or Chicago. The new Expedition wears a new front end with optional LED lighting down below — but like the …

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