Chevrolet Teases Silverado EV, Confirms Four Wheel Steering And More

It has been a while since we heard any new information surrounding the Chevrolet Silverado EV. With the Hummer SUT hogging all the spotlight for the moment, the Silverado’s stealthier approach to its debut is understandable. That said, the bow-tie brand doesn’t want it to vanish off the minds of potential buyers completely and has revealed that the new model will come with four-wheel steering.


Shrinking The Turn Radius And Perhaps A Second Chance At Redemption

While today’s announcement is a nice sign of technological progress, it’s not the first four-wheel steering system that Chevrolet and GM as a whole have used in a pickup. The most recent attempt that certainly comes to mind is the Quadrasteer used on select Chevrolet and GMC models from 2002-2005. Built before the company declared bankruptcy, that system was touted to improve parking and towing characteristics. Unfortunately, sales stalled due partially to the high price of the system and GM not going all-in on marketing, and the company axed it in 2005.

This new system is called Four Wheel Steer, and it’s pretty apparent that this system is a potent addition to the truck, with Chevrolet even releasing a brief video showing some of the benefits that the system provides in terms of reduced turning radius while the truck tools around an unnamed underground parking garage. The brief video also confirms that the truck will come with large 24-inch chrome wheels with an ornate yet design-focused spoke pattern. GM’s release also confirms an optional extra, which will only appear in select Silverado EV models.


Silverado EV Also Teases Its Exterior Styling

The video also provided a subtle glimpse of the Silverado EV’s exterior styling along with the technology news. We don’t get to see too much, but it appears the side profile will be reworked with reworked wheel arches and an all-new rear bumper. We also get a glimpse of the taillight, and while the bulk of it is out of camera range, the tiny slice that we see is different from what we have come to see on the current generation Silverado.

Chevrolet claims that the truck will be capable of achieving 400 miles of range on a single charge, and we suspect that some of this is due to the slicker bodywork. Look for the latest iteration of SuperCruise to also be on board here in the Silverado with the Chevy joining the Hummer and select other GM models in offering the latest system, which adds goodies such as automated lane change towing specific modes. The Silverado EV will be built at GM’s Detroit-Hamtramck Factory Zero plant, with the new model possibly making its global debut later this year. The truck will use GM’s Ultium battery technology and be built alongside the Hummer SUT and other GM EV models.


The Ford F-150 Lighting will undoubtedly be this truck’s key rival, and with the battle for truck supremacy moving into a new and relatively untapped frontier. Any form of technological advantage is welcome. The F-150 Lightning and the Silverado EV will undoubtedly use any form of novel technology to try and one-up each other in the broader game of brinksmanship. That’s especially true since GM CEO Mary Barra was quoted as saying that she expects high demand for the truck.