Chicago Auto Show 2022 – Silverado EV Makes A Splash In The Windy City

When we first saw the 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV, it was supposed to be making its debut at the Consumers Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. However, the rampaging Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus forced GM to abruptly change its debut plans with the company scrapping Vegas for a digital-only unveiling in Detroit. The 2022 Chicago Auto Show serves as our first formal look at the truck and we think that Chevrolet is on to something here with this latest Ultium platformed rig.


Avalanche Phones In The Styling

At first glance, you’ll be forgiven if you think you are looking at a futuristic resurrection of the Chevrolet Avalanche that was done with the book of Necronomicon and the help of engineers from the Robocop movie franchise. The basic shape has a distinct Avalanche vibe when viewed in person, but the rest of the look is all Silverado with the Ev going in a noticeably different direction from its ICE-powered cousin. The front fascia is not lugging around an engine, and that allowed Chevy engineers to move select areas of the front end further forward while also incorporating a large front-mounted frunk.

The headlights are slender LED units, and a large light bar runs along the front of the truck unifying both ends together. The side profile is sporty and assertive with large 24-inch wheels prominently identifying it as an RST model. The blue paint also mixes well with the sporty wheels, but some observers we spoke to at the show claim that the wheels looked too big. Chevrolet reps we spoke with claim that more wheel options are eventually coming to the Silverado EV range after the initial launch is completed, but they stopped far short of offering a potential timetable on when that’s formally happening.

The rear of the truck is also designed for functional sophistication. The sporty taillights lead the eye to the bed and the novel mid-gate system. The mid-gate first made its debut on the Avalanche, and it continues to perform the same feat that it did on that axed model with the rear wall having the ability to fold down into a bed extender. This extender not only helps increase the length of the bed, but it also allows more delicate cargo to be protected from the elements when the rear seats are not being used to haul people.


Futuristic Silverado EV Interior Is ready For Mainstream Buyers

The interior of the Hummer EV showed that GM designers were willing to explore new design territory in an attempt to make an interior that not only embodies the futurism associated with EVs but also practical comfort for passengers. The Silverado EV’s interior dials down the outlandish details slightly, and instead adopts a look that serves as a balanced compromise. The RST model in Chevrolet’s booth is the sportier side of life, but Chevrolet reps only allowed us to view the cabin from the outside.

This view allowed us to see some of the design aspects that will be a crucial part of the RST’s cabin. Bold colors will be on full display, and the seats look like they are an excellent mixture of comfort and support. We look forward to eventually having the chance to slip behind the wheel of the Silverado RST in the future to not only find out how comfortable the seats are but to also have a chance to try out the newly upgraded infotainment screen.


When Can I Buy One?

If you are one of the buyers in the original first wave that reserved an RST or WT model, Chevrolet revealed that it will begin Silverado EV production in 2023 with the first wave being all WT models designed for corporate buyers. RST models will not make their way to customers until the fall of that year, but Chevrolet promises world-class performance when they eventually hit the road thanks to its electrified hardware which makes 664 hp and can launch the truck to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds when Wide Open Watts (WOW) mode is engaged.