2022 Lamborghini Countach Leaked? New Photos Suggest Cat Is Out Of The Bag

The internet can be a fleeting mistress sometimes, and as they say, once you post it, it’s online forever. In the case of Lamborghini, it appears that they are learning a very costly lesson in this regard, with leaked images of the 2022 Lamborghini Countach making their way onto the internet.


Retro Styling Mixed With Modernism Defines This Countach Iteration

We spotted this particular set of images on the Facebook Group Unpopular Car Opinions. While the water cooler talk there is certainly enough to spur debate and entertain visitors, the mysterious appearance of these images certainly has us interested (much to Lamborghini’s chagrin.) As mentioned in our prior Countach coverage, we suspected that the newest iteration of this iconic nameplate would carry over some of the simplified styling that defined the original Countach, and it appears that our hunch has been proven correct. The front fascia shares some of its basic design DNA with modern Lambo models, but the rectangle style headlights and the lower air intakes beneath the razor-thin grille are classic hallmarks of Countaches of yesterday.

The side profile features a large air intake slathered in a contrasting shade of black to balance out the white bodywork. The rear fascia is where the bulk of the Countach connection shines through in the end, with the retro-themed LED taillights and the rear intakes also being subtle reminders of the past. The tidy quad exhausts round out the package, and they should do a good job of providing the world-class soundtrack to anyone listening to the Countach’s V12 engine. We don’t know exactly how much horsepower this latest version of the twelve-cylinder makes but look for it to be much more powerful than the outgoing Aventador and greener than before, thanks to the addition of hybrid technology. All-wheel drive also appears to be on board, but sadly, we get to wait a bit to see the interior.


When Will We See The 2022 Countach?

Lamborghini, for its part, has not revealed when it will formally unveil the 2022 Countach, but this latest round of image leaks could perhaps force the Italian supercar maker to show its hand early. If so, it would be a radical change from our original prediction, which would’ve seen the car perhaps unveiled either later this year or sometime in early 2022.

The Countach will help solve two problems at once for Lamborghini when it makes its appearance. Not only will it help introduce new green technology to the brand, but it also eliminates some of the anxiety that often comes with a new nameplate debuting new tech. By using an iconic nameplate that resonates well with buyers (and enthusiasts), Lamborghini is banking on instant name recognition eliminating some of the resistance to electrification, and that could allow the company to bank big if it plays its cards correctly,