1250HP, 2.6s MANSORY Carbonado GT and Apertos Roadster Are Eye-Popping Lamborghini Aventador Makeovers

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You think the Novitec Torado Aventador Roadster is lavish and unbelievable? Check out these three from Mansory – the King tuner of the automotive world.

Not just for the comprehensive overhauls and the princely pricing.

Mansory literally has around a dozen monarchs on its (very private) client list. Real-life Kings.

For these types of shoppers, nothing standard or factory-made will suffice. Step in, the Carbonado GT and Roadster – of which only three will be made. They build on the first-gen Carbonado ‘Black Diamond’ ideas, but now with more power and more lavish design upgrades.MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 28 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 27 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 32

The Carbonado name is the first tip of what the mission was: to nearly dip every surface of the car in custom-woven carbon-fiber. The imprint on the carbon? It is the shape of the B-2 Stealth Bomber. Pretty cool.

The results are certainly striking from a finish perspective. But what we like best are the detail modifications made along the way. Things like the bulging angular portion of the new doors, and the hexagonal exhaust outlets. The roof intake is also fantastic on the GT. These are ideas Lamborghini itself should look into.  Any time you can say that, you know Mansory is doing something right.

MANSORY Carbonado Roadster

 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 57 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 56 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 55 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 54 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 53 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 52 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 51 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 50

MANSORY Carbonado GT Stealth

MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 4 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 3 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 2 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 1

MANSORY Carbonado Black Diamond

MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 33 SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 45 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 43 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 41 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 39 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 38 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 37 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 36 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 34 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 17 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 16 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 20 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 21 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 22 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 23 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 24 SONY DSC MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 32 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 30 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 28 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 27 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 26 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 25


“Black Diamond” model based on the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 limited to just six specimens


Carbon as far as the eye can see: the ultra-light and ultra-strong material of carbon is already present in abundance in the standard version of the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. In the MANSORY CARBONADO model, of which only six specimens are being manufactured, MANSORY continues to use the material consistently as the main component of all its bodywork elements. Each individual element of the MANSORY aerodynamic design is produced with perfect surface finish using the prepeg autoclave method and then built seamlessly into the car. And so the Aventador is transformed into the MANSORY CARBONADO, the most exclusive carbon compound found on the roads – the Black Diamond of the streets.


The series version of the Lamborghini already makes opulent use of the ultralight and high-strength material carbon fibre. And MANSORY continues this use as the main element of its bodywork components. Every single element of the MANSORY aerodynamic design is manufactured to perfect finish quality in the prepreg-autoclave process and fitted snugly into place on the vehicle.

The eye-catcher of the CARBONADO`s newly designed front body is the striking apron with its optimised air inlets for improved ventilation of the front coolers. In combination with the new front lip and its proprietary daytime driving lights, MANSORY not only achieves an aggressive look, but also generates additional downthrust. The front wings, as well as the bonnet, are removed and replaced with proprietary versions. The sides grow by 40 millimetres in width on the front axle and an impressive 50 millimetres on the rear axle. Newly designed side sill sets are also fitted. These steady the airflow between the axles and, thanks to built-in channels, direct additional cool air to the drive unit and the rear brake system. The diffuser integrated into the new rear apron stabilises the rear at high speed and, in connection with the enlarged rear wing, produces contact pressure at the rear axle. The body package is completed by exchanging the roof and engine-compartment covers with carbon-fibre elements.

 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 15 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 14 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 13

But it is not only through attractive design that MANSORY’s customised Aventador impresses. Thanks to an optimised engine-management system and a high-performance exhaust system, both engine power and acceleration are improved. Thanks to 754 PS / 555 kW at 8,300 rpm and 750 Nm at 6,000 rpm, the 12-cylinder accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in a breath-taking 2.8 seconds. The top speed of 355 km/h is also higher than with the basic vehicle.


As a perfect wheel-tyre combination, MANSORY fits striking, ultralight forged rims with carbon-fibre inlays in the sizes 9.0 x 20 and 13.0 x 21 with tyres in the sizes VA 255/30 ZR20 and HA 345/25 ZR21.


The extensive interior additions provide a perfect completion to the Lamborghini customisation programme. It goes without saying that only the most luxurious materials are used. The treated leather for the seats and dashboard is both particularly hardwearing and unusually soft. The natural product, with its individual grain and perfectly crafted stitching, gives a feeling of extravagance to the newly designed airbag sports steering wheel. To emphasise the interior’s sporty character even further, MANSORY installs non-slip aluminium pedals and real carbon-fibre components.

 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 11 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 10 MANSORY Carbonado Aventador 12

MANSORY Design & Holding GmbH offers only its in-house developed tuning accessories. The company does not offer its own make as “complete” vehicle, neither does the company deal with such type of vehicles.


For more information about the exclusive programme for the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, please visit the web site www.mansory.com




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