2022 Toyota Supra A91-CF Embraces Weight Savings, Will Only Go To A Select Few

It has been a very busy day for Toyota, but with the 2022 model year now upon us, the company has literally thrown everything, but the kitchen sink out into the world to show buyers that it has plenty of thrills and chills in store for the new model year. Thankfully, Toyota has not forgotten about the Supra and has unleashed the all-new A91-CF, which blends rarity with weight-saving carbon fiber.


A91-CF, As Simple Of A Formula As You Can Get

As the name implies, the 2022 Toyota Supra A91-CF Edition is a straightforward exercise, with the Supra receiving some extra carbon fiber adornments. The recipe involved to make it is also very straightforward, with buyers only needing a 2022 Supra 3.0 liter model, which is then adorned with carbon fiber trim for the front splitter, side rocker panels, the canards, and even the rear spoiler with that particular piece being slightly taller than usual.

There’s also a nice set of 19-inch matte black wheels that come with the package, but as mentioned earlier, simplicity reigns supreme with this particular creation. That’s fine with us since the Supra’s wild styling has always been a highlight item for us during our time with the sleek coupe, and we’re glad Toyota didn’t do too much to alter this. Oh, and Toyota claims that all the add-ons are functional, so look for them to make a noticeable impact out on the track.


A Subtle Color Palette Swap Defines The Interior

With the changes to the exterior being limited to the essentials, it should come as no surprise that the interior largely carries over this theme. It still looks like it was grafted from a BMW Z4 with all the touchpoints being distinctly German. However, new colors are splashed throughout the cabin to try and brighten things up a bit. Fullscreen Apple CarPlay is also added into the mix. However, we are confident that many Supra owners will prefer to hear the sounds emanating from the engine versus BTS’s newest hit, Butter. In addition, all 3.0 models now get standard heated seats. Toyota’s National Auto Sport Association tie-in is still being offered, with all first-time Supra owners getting a complimentary one-year membership.

The Supra’s interior has always been a very interesting flashpoint for consumers. While the A91-CF does little to address some of the core issues here, we hope that Toyota will eventually find a way to add more of its DNA into the cookie-cutter-inspired space.


When Can I Buy A 2022 A91-CF Supra?

Toyota did not reveal any pricing information for the 2022 Supra A91-CF. Still, the company did confirm that you will have to act quickly to get one, with only 600 units being built before production ceases. As a bonus, all 600 will only be offered in North America, so international Supra fans will have to sit and observe this particular variant from afar.

Look for the first models to begin making their way to showrooms this fall, with pricing and other key information being released closer to its official launch period. With the Supra still only scratching the surface of its performance potential, look for Toyota to find new ways to push the envelope and bring Supra variants that can satiate not only long-time loyalists but also new buyers that might be new to the Supra’s brand of driving fun.