Concept Flashback – 2012 Jeep Mighty FC

2012 Jeep Mighty FCThe 2012 Jeep Mighty FC is hilarious to behold, and a really cool concept idea overall. Beyond the many Jeep pickup truck conversions and concepts, the Forward Control recreates an actual Jeep production truck from the mid-1950s to the late 1960s.

Overall, the Mighty FC builds on Jeep’s very impressive concept repertoire: this truck is not just a runner, but it hit the Moab Jeep Jamboree for some extreme off-road proving. Versus most concept cars that are barely rollers, this is an impressive level of engineering.

Two things: How!? and Why!?


The Forward Control is created by the very-simple-sounding prospect of moving the front axle dramatically, now fully in front of the engine and radiators, etc.jeepheritage 2012 Jeep Mighty FC 2 2012 Jeep Mighty FC 15


This question is answered handily by Jeep’s own product literature:

– better maneuverability

– better front visibility

– more variety of rear cab designs

– max cargo space and minimal wheelbase

– excellent off-road ability

Many military versions were created, along with vans and flatbed models. The FC was never a huge hit on the streets of the USA, but it was abroad. Licensed and made in India and Spain, among other locales, the FC blueprint still essentially defines the European truck-van even today.

2012 Jeep Mighty FC

2012 Jeep Mighty FC