Aston Martin Bolsters F1 Presence With DBX707 Medical Vehicle, Still Packs Potent Performance

Aston Martin and AMG entered into an agreement back in 2021 that would see the two brand supply medical vehicles for F1 events. The Vantage F1 car was the first of these efforts but while that model will be making its return for the 2023 F1 racing season, it will be joined by its corporate sibling the all-new DBX707 SUV medical vehicle.


DBX707 SUV To Play Expanded Role In Track Duties

While the Vantage F1 was designed mainly to be a pace car the DBX707 F1 vehicle will have a more extensive roster of duties to complete during its time in service. A chief one is being a medical vehicle for F1 with the DBX707 being used to haul injured drivers or personnel off the track in the event of an accident. The DBX will have the same green livery as the brand’s F1 racers and the SUV has also received extensive modifications to help it perform its duties without issue. They include a roof mounted lightbar, internally mounted fire extinguishers, medical bags and a mobile defibrillator. The seats are also swapped out for FIA approved thrones complete with six-point harness. Like all DBX707 models, performance will come from a tweaked version of its twin-turbocharged V8 which makes 697 hp.

This particular DBX will also come equipped with state of the art communication equipment which allows occupants to communicate with marshals and race control while advanced biometric data and a live TV feed will help officials get information to properly respond to any track accidents. The SUV and the Vantage F1 support vehicles will make their 2023 debut this weekend at the Baharain Grand Prix and will be a persistent presence in the rest of the race series. It’s unknown if the DBX707 F1 vehicle will inspire a F1 Edition model like the Vantage variant, but look for the British sportscar maker to perhaps make it a reality at some point to help nab more sales in the hotly contested SUV segment.