CES 2017 – Top 10 Big Reveals + Showfloor Gallery

Many semi-cool reveals at CES this year.  And thankfully, they are not all wearing the same shade of Apple-knockoff white plastic for bodywork!

Oh wait, all the cars are the same silver this year?  Delightful.

This biggest headlines were undoubtedly for the Faraday Future FF91, a Tesla Model X rival that actually seems super smart and innovative.  If not exactly sexy, the design is certainly unique and practical.  This FF91 flagship is production-bound with a direct-to-consumer sales model that also takes great inspiration from Tesla.

The Toyota Concept I is silly fun, while the Chrysler Portal is slightly more serious.  The Portal concept, for some reason, looks like it has had a hard life already.  Why does this car seem so beat up like a test mule?

Perhaps the semi-deconstructed style is what gives the falling-to-pieces impression of the Portal.

Nothing is as absurd as the BMW i calamity they just rolled on stage with — get this — a bunch of books stacked on the floor in the back seat.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, indeed.

Special mention for the Nissan Leaf with revised LEDs and NISMO-inspired style.  The Nissan trike looks pretty sweet too.

Here are our top ten from CES 2017.

  • Faraday Future FF91

  • LeEco

  • Chrysler Portal

  • ZF Clear Truck

  • Mercedes-Benz EQ Crossover + Cargo Van

  • Toyota Concept I

  • Nissan Intelligent Mobility


  • BMW i

  • VW iD