Bollinger Motors Debut Class 3 Work Trucks, Will Play Key Role In Company’s Growth

Bollinger Motors is out to shake up the way we think about electrified vehicles. While we have seen both the B1 and B2 in the past, the Oak Park, Michigan-based company is ultimately going to need a breadwinner offering to achieve solid growth and prosperity. To help achieve this goal, Bollinger recently unwrapped two new work trucks, the B2CC chassis cab and the CHASS-E truck platform, which have both been built to cater to commercial truck buyers’ needs.


B2CC and CHASS-E Models Are Ready For Work And The Trail

As the names imply, both of these offerings were designed for the work truck market and have the ability to be adapted to a wide range of roles. A rear-wheel-drive two-wheel version is standard, but buyers can also opt for a dually setup as well as an all-wheel-drive arraignment. Bollinger’s move mirrors that of some of its rivals, with Rivian and Lordstown Motors also revealing that they too will enter the work truck market in an attempt to bolster their respective bottom lines. A notable brand absent from this segment is the Tesla Cybertruck which focuses on catering to retail customers. But we suspect that Elon Musk will ultimately change his tune, especially if financial winds force him to change Cybertruck’s marketing trajectory.

As for Bollinger, a key trait that it intends to push onto consumers is the ability to configure it to fit a wide range of roles, with the B2CC truck leading the way. The CHASS-E cab pickup can be equipped with either a two or four-door cab, with buyers being able to customize the rear with multiple setups. This model will come in three different drive options, with the base rear-wheel-drive version having a base sticker of $70,000. A dually version will relieve your checkbook of $72,500 while adding an all-wheel-drive pushes things into the $100,000 range.

The CHASS-E electric is focused on the skateboard platform itself, with pricing for that starting at $55,000 and the various upgrades carrying stickers of $57,500 and $80,000, respectively.  

“Now we’re making three versions to cover a wide range of needs for the commercial and government markets,” said Bollinger Motors CEO and founder Robert Bollinger. 


B2CC and CHASS-E Models Welcome Additions During Pandemic

The B2CC and the CHASS-E models’ appearance is a welcome sight, especially as the world navigates its way through a COVID-19 fueled recession. The company admitted that some aspects of the economic lockdown and subsequent restrictions were challenging for the company. However, the firm is still confident in its long-term strategy, with production on both models slated to begin later this year. The deliveries themselves are slated to kick off in 2022, with the work truck models being integrated into the broader rollout of the retail versions. As a bonus, the company’s unique battery design will be on hand for these models too.

This announcement also comes off the heels of a separate announcement back in December when Bollinger revealed an updated design for its B2 pickup truck. The B2 and its SUV sibling, the B1, will arrive with many innovative features, including a long pass-through that allows owners to load long items like lumber or building materials through the cabin. It’s unknown if the interior will carry over some of the more basic aspects (i.e., the center-mounted tables), but we suspect that both will still have a rugged function first appearance.

Bollinger is also not skimping on performance either, with the dual-motor B2 making 614 horsepower and 668 lb-ft of torque. This is on top of the 200 miles of range that will be available, as well as some of its impressive capabilities, including a 7,500 lb towing limit and 5,201-pound cargo capacity.     

“With our additional drive options, we’ll be able to provide work-truck solutions to every industry,” said Bollinger. “The significantly lower total cost of ownership for the RWD (model) makes it the best option for any fleet.” We look forward to hearing more, especially since the range will also complement Bollinger’s upcoming delivery van model.