Bollinger Motors Debut Class 3 Work Trucks, Will Play Key Role In Company’s Growth

Bollinger Motors is out to shake up the way we think about electrified vehicles. While we have seen both the B1 and B2 in the past, the Oak Park, Michigan-based company is ultimately going to need a breadwinner offering to achieve solid growth and prosperity. To help achieve this goal, Bollinger recently unwrapped two new work trucks, the B2CC chassis cab and the CHASS-E truck platform, which have both been built to cater to commercial truck buyers’ needs.   B2CC and CHASS-E Models Are Ready For Work And The Trail As the names imply, both of these offerings were designed …

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Production Bollinger B1

Bollinger reveals production versions of B1 and B2, 3 important things to know

When we last heard from Oak Park, Michigan based EV manufacturer Bollinger Motors the company revealed a rudimentary pricing ladder for the B1 SUV and B2 pickup along with news that a chassis cab variant was in the works. Since then, the company has maintained a low profile, but it decided to surprise the world with the production versions of both the B1 and B2. Here’s 5 things to know about what has carried over to the masses and what hasn’t. A new color hides rudimentary changes A major thing that curious observers will notice is the addition of a …

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Bollinger Motors confirms patent for all new streamlined battery technology

In a big step for the company, Bollinger Motors has revealed that it has formally filed a patent with the United States Patent and Trade Mark Office this week, which is a very promising sign for the company not only in its growth, but also in its goal towards producing all electric vehicles. The patent in question covers the firm’s production battery design, with the documents including numerous mechanical, electrical, and systems innovations centered around the battery packs that will be powering some of the company’s EV offerings including its pickup and SUV off-road models. “The heart of every EV …

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Bollinger Motors unveils front wheel drive Deliver-E EV van

When we said that Bollinger’s vehicle lineup was growing, we weren’t kidding, with the company just taking the veil off of yet another new model that will not only further expand the company’s lineup of all electric vehicles, but also add a new dimension to what a Bollinger produced model can bring to the table for customers with the all new Deliver-E full size van.   This large van represents a radical departure for Bollinger in terms of design. Unlike the rugged and squareish B1 and B2 models, the Deliver-E adopts a noticeably more aerodynamic design, with the front end …

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Bollinger Motors: moves to bigger digs in Oak Park to expand operations

When we last checked in with our friends at Bollinger Motors, it was in their old headquarters in Ferndale, Michigan. There, we had a chance to meet the firm’s two spearheads in the EV truck wars, the B1 SUV, and the B2 pickup, as well as learn much more about the vision of the company’s founder Robert Bollinger. But with the extra attention and growth that the company has seen recently, it was forced to seek a bigger space to enhance the levels of design and manufacturing that they were capable of doing. This resulted in a move to Oak …

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Bollinger Motors Rolls Out All New B2 Chassis, World’s First Class 3 Commercial EV Platform Expands Product Flexibility

Bollinger Motors revealed awhile back that it intendeds to enter the commercial vehicle segment as the young company looks to learn and gather experience for its upcoming lineup of EV products. But while the B1 SUV and B2 pickup truck certainly showcased what is in store for consumers lucky enough to purchase one when they eventually begin production, Bollinger remained quiet on what the commercial aspect of the business would look like. The company has ended its silence on this subject though, and has given the world a compelling glimpse into how it intends to make its mark on the …

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Bollinger Announces All New E-Chassis, Promises Wide Flexibility For Commercial Buyers

Bollinger Motors has big plans for the 2021 model year. We had the chance to have a glimpse at this future when we witnessed the unveiling of the B1 SUV as well as the B2 SUV in Ferndale last year. The company also revealed pricing for the duo shortly after, but while the B1 and B2 will serve as a figurative spearhead into the EV truck and utility markets, the company needed to shore up its chassis technology in order to take advantage of more markets. The company has resolved this, and has formally unveiled its all new E-Chassis which …

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Bollinger Motors Announces Pricing, Performance Details For B1 SUV And B2 Pickup

When Bollinger Motors recently introduced the production version of the B1 SUV and the all new B2 pickup, we were left with new questions especially in regards to final range and pricing figures for the duo. The Ferndale, Michigan based company has ended the mystery, and has unveiled new details about the long term plans for the B1 and B2. For starters, we finally know how much the B1 and B2 will cost to own, with the company revealing that both models will start at $125,000. This eye popping figure is far off the under $100,000 estimate the company initially …

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Bollinger Motors Unveils B1 & B2 Prototypes, Finalizes Production For Both [Video]

When we last heard from Bollinger Motors, it was back in 2017 when they unveiled an early stage prototype of the B1 SUV. Back then, the company was based in New York, and the crude prototype served as a glimpse into the rugged EV that CEO Robert Bollinger and his fledgling company wanted to unleash to the masses. Several years of work later, the company has moved to a bigger building in Ferndale, Michigan and has unveiled the next step of its march to production, with the unveiling of the production spec B1 SUV and the all new B2 EV …

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Top 4 Hardcore Off-Road Debuts – Los Angeles 2017 Auto Showfloor

LA is lousy with soft-roaders this year.  There are at least a half dozen softroad compacts all the way to plush 7-seaters.  But that is not our goal here. Here we will tease out the top four serious off-road vehicles to make their debuts or appearances at LA Automobility 2017. Special shoutouts to the very-cool foot porthole in the door of the Wrangler.  The flat floor and full front trunk of the Bollinger is also pretty special. 2018 Jeep Wrangler 2018 Bollinger B1 EV-SUV 2018 Ford Expedition Baja Concept 2018 Land Rover Discovery SVX