Bollinger Motors unveils front wheel drive Deliver-E EV van

When we said that Bollinger’s vehicle lineup was growing, we weren’t kidding, with the company just taking the veil off of yet another new model that will not only further expand the company’s lineup of all electric vehicles, but also add a new dimension to what a Bollinger produced model can bring to the table for customers with the all new Deliver-E full size van.


This large van represents a radical departure for Bollinger in terms of design. Unlike the rugged and squareish B1 and B2 models, the Deliver-E adopts a noticeably more aerodynamic design, with the front end featuring a curvaceous look. The windshield was also designed to help maximize the Deliver-E’s ability to reduce excess drag, and rises dramatically upward towards the roof. The side and rear of the van adopt the traditional square box motif that we have come to see in other delivery vans, with two big barn style rear doors hiding the inside of the cargo area. Open them, and you will discover a completely flat load floor, with Bollinger engineers maximizing accessibility with a low 18 inch load height.

The Deliver-E will also write a new chapter for the company in terms of its platform, with the van using a front-wheel drive architecture that was engineered to fit classes 2B, 3, 4, and 5, with the company claiming that the total cost of ownership of a Deliver-E van will be significantly lower than current gasoline and diesel powered vans on the road today depending on what class is selected. The Deliver-E will also offer a wide selection of battery packs, with 70, 105, 140, 175 and 210 kWh packs all being available. When combined with the available wheelbase lengths, the Deliver-E promises to be a very adaptable platform that will be able to fit a wide range of mileage and pricing needs for customers. Photos of the interior were not exactly released (excluding the inside of the cargo area,) but the Deliver-E will feature universal charge ports to help power small pieces of equipment, as well as DC fast charging capability to make it ready for runs in the urban jungle.


“We took our extensive Class 3 electrification knowledge and applied it to the delivery sector,” said Bollinger Motors CEO Robert Bollinger.  “Our Deliver-E van gives commercial fleets the power to go green and save on ownership costs, while neighborhoods will benefit from a reduction in air and noise pollution.”

Unlike the B1 and B2 which will be built at the company’s facility in Oak Park, Michigan, the Deliver-E will be a collaborative effort, with the EV maker working together with another party for production of the Deliver-E. Once Bollinger and its mysterious partner work out all the kinks, look for the Deliver-E to begin production in the U.S. in 2022.