Audi A6/S6/RS6 Widebody! PRIOR-DESIGN PD600R Is Hot New Aerokit


The RS6 might not have crossed the pond to the USA, but now you can one-up that flagship via a massive new aerokit from Prior Design.  At least in terms of pure curb appeal, this PD600R widebody will make any A6 or S6 a fastlane king.

Check out the gorgeous new PD600R in its element around Monte Carlo via the gallery, plus an itemized upgrade list and links to buy below that.

PRIOR-DESIGN PD600R Widebody Aerodynamic-Kit for AUDI A6/RS6

With our PD600R Widebody Aero-Kit installed, the car is 8cm wider on the front & 10cm at the back.
Complete package is suitable for all AUDI A6 Avant / RS6 models.


Prior-Design Performance tuning :

3.0 TDI 313KM
Standard: 230 KW  / 313 PS | 650 Nm
PD: 302 KW / 411 PS | 807 Nm
Power & Torque :  + 72 KW/ 98 PS   +157 Nm
Audi RS6
Standard: 412 KW  / 560 PS | 700 Nm
PD: 493 KW / 670 PS | 830 Nm
Power & Torque :  + 81 KW/110 PS  +130 Nm

Wheels:  21” Vossen VPS-310

Improved handling & driving experience by KW DLC Lowering Module.

More images  & info:

This product is made from quality Fiberglass-Duraflex mix. This material is characterized by an excellent surface finish that provides sufficient flexibility combined with high stability and allows for easy and inexpensive painting. Also, our parts are all made with excellent fitment with no modifications or alterations needed for the parts, which minimizes installation costs.

Fits all Audi A6 Avant / RS6 [C7] models.



Complete PD600R Widebody Aerodynamic-Kit package includes:

PD600R Front Bumperprior-design_PD600R_front_bumper_for_Audi_A6

PD600R Front Add-On Spoilerprior-design_PD600R_front_add-on_spoiler_for_Audi_RS6_A6

PD600R Rear Bumperprior-design_PD600R_rear_bumper_for_Audi_A6

PD600R Diffusorprior-design_PD600R_rear_diffusor_for_Audi_RS6_A6

PD600R Side Skirtsprior-design_PD600R_side_skirts_for_Audi_A6

PD600R Side Skirts Add-On Lipprior-design_PD600R_side_skirts_addon_spoiler_for_Audi_A6_RS6

PD600R WB Front Widenings (6-piece)prior-design_PD600R_3piece_front_widenings_for_Audi_A6_RS6

PD600R WB Rear Widenings (6-piece)prior-design_PD600R_3piece_rear_widenings_for_Audi_A6_RS6

PD600R WB Rear Widenings Add-on Spoiler prior-design_PD600R_rear_bumper_add-on_spoiler_for_Audi_A6_RS6

  • Montagematerial


PD600R Roof Spoilerprior-design_PD600R_roof_spoiler_Audi_RS6_A6