PRIOR DESIGN Ferrari PD458 AeroKit – Looking Gorgeous on New Rosso Corsa Example

New photoshoot of the PD458 aerokit from Prior Design!

This time, we see the non-widebody version with a set of lovely 21-inch VOSSEN VPS-306 forged wheels. Continental tires and a slight height drop from the H&R springs complete the look.  Clearly, this aerokit is a winner with or without the extended PD458WB fenders.

Check out the latest lipstick-red hotness — and how-to-buy info — below..


PRIOR DESIGN Ferrari PD458 AeroKit – Red

PRIOR DESIGN Ferrari 458 Widebody AeroKitPrior Design can make some of the craziest, most-exotic customs look absolutely flawless. Truly factory-fresh in appearance, the Prior Design upgrades are a fabulous treat on any supercar.

But the Ferrari 458 Italia wearing 2.4-inch wider front fenders, an all-new aero tray with LaFerrari-esque single upright, and racing flics all around? A nose to write home about, for some.

Around back, the PD458 makeover is even more extreme: a width stretch of 4.7-inches makes room for giant 21-inch rubber and custom alloys.

The overall impact is stunning — a true racecar for the road.


PRIOR DESIGN Ferrari 458 Widebody AeroKit

We’re proud to announce the launch of our brand new widebody aero-kit for Ferrari Italia F458. Combining elegant, sport & raw racing look, the PD458WB Aero-Kit turns Ferrari Italia into a real monster!

PRIOR-DESIGN PD458WB Widebody Aero-Kit conists of:

  • Front Bumper incl. Cupwings (4 pieces)
  • Rear Bumper incl. Diffuser 2tlg.
  • Side Skirts incl. Add-on Spoiler 2tlg.
  • Front Fenders (GT3 Racing-look) 6tlg.
  • Rear widenings 4tlg.
  • Bonnet incl. Vents 2tlg.
  • Trunk spoiler 5tlg.
  • Vented Engine Covers

which can be manufactured on customer’s request in carbon.

Complete Body-Kit widens Ferrari Italia by 60mm on front and 120mm on rear.

The above named kit costs 24.900 Euro and can be completed with 3-Piece Prior-Design Forged Wheels – Front: 21×9,5  255/30ZR21 and Rear: 22×11.5 325/25ZR21 / Continental Tires. These Wheels can be installed on other Ferrari models : California, FF, LaFerrari, Ferrari F430 as well.

H&R Sport Suspension on request – 35mm lowering package for Ferrari Italia

Compl. new leather seats in Alcantara / Nappa leather and red stitching.
Prior-Design engine compartment covers made of carbon
on request

Prior-Design Exhaust system:

  •    200Cell race cats
  •    Manifold
  •    Muffler with clap control

By the exhaust we attend to highest quality and therefore welded Wick and all connections made of milled material.
Power improvement :  ~ 40PS

Improved performance by Chiptuning:

~ +30PS
~ +40Nm

Costs: ~ 12.800€ incl. installation

All parts are also available separately.


PD458 Widebody Aerodynamic-Kit



PD458 Widebody Aero-Kit suitable for Ferrari F458 Italia.

PD458 Widebody Front Bumper
PD458 Widebody Front Add-On Lip Spoiler
PD458 Rear Bumper
PD458 Diffusor
PD458 Sideskirts
PD458 Sideskirts Add-On Spoiler
PD458 Rear Trunk Spoiler
PD458 Bonnet
PD458 Rear Vents Inserts
PD458 CupWings
PD458 Widebody Front Widenings
PD458 Widebody Rear Widenings
PD458 Vented Engine Covers
Installation Materials



Complete PD458 Widebody Aerodynamic-Kit package includes:

PD458WB Front Bumperprior-design_PD458WB_front-bumper_for_Ferrari_Italia_F458

Front Spoiler Lip for PD458WB Front Bumperprior-design_PD458_frontspoiler_for_Ferrari_Italia_F458

PD458 Rear Bumperprior-design_PD458WB_rear-bumper_for_Ferrari_Italia_F458

Rear Add-on Spoiler/Diffusor for PD458 Rear Bumperprior-design_PD458WB_diffusor_for_Ferrari_Italia_F458

PD458 Side Skirtsprior-design_PD458WB_sideskirts_for_Ferrari_Italia_F458

Add-on Lip Spoiler for PD458 Side Skirtsprior-design_PD458WB_sideskirts_add-on_for_Ferrari_Italia_F458

PD458 Bonnetprior-design_PD458_bonnet_for_Ferrari_Italia_F458

PD458 Rear Trunk Spoilerprior-design_PD458_trunkspoiler_for_Ferrari_Italia_F458

PD458 Rear Vent Insertsprior-design_PD458_rear_vents_inserts_rear_bumper_for_Ferrari_Italia_F458

PD458 Cup Wingsprior-design_PD458_cupwings_for_Ferrari_Italia_F458

PD458WB Front Fendersprior-design_PD458WB_front_widenings_add-on_for_Ferrari_Italia_F458

PD458WB Rear Wideningsprior-design_PD458_rear_widenings_for_Ferrari_Italia_F458

PD458 Vented Engine Coversprior-design_PD458_open_vents_rear_windshield_for_Ferrari_Italia_F458

Additional engine compartment protection against dust and raindrops. 90% less dirt

  • Mounting Hardware Included