How To Properly Wash a Supercar – By Scott Huntington – Featuring Lamborghini LPI910-4 ASTERION

How to Wash a Supercar

If you’re lucky enough to own a supercar, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with the feeling of nearly everybody on the street straining their necks to get a glimpse of your ultra-cool ride. However, with great cars come great responsibilities, not the least of which is washing your supercar.

Supercars are “super” because they tend to be light, powerful and agile, but the luster can wear off if you don’t keep them properly cleaned. Here are some tips on methods to use to keep your supercar looking fresh off the factory line.

Get Your Hands Dirty

The first thing to know about washing a supercar is you won’t be taking it down to the local gas station or carwash to run it through an automated series of brushes. Such activity could wear on the car’s premium paint job if the car wash isn’t properly kept up with, something that’s not noticed as much on a typical car.

That means to give your supercar a proper wash, you’ll be using your hands. Use a soft cloth to wipe down any dirt that may have accumulated during your most recent drive. Many prefer to use a natural sheepskin cloth because it holds more water, lasts longer and is safer to use on top-of-the-line paint.

Prepare for the Best…

To properly clean the best cars in the world, it takes some of the best available materials to get the job done. You’ll need top-level sponges and cleaning mitts, cleaning solutions like clearcoat polish, a power rinser and either microfiber towels for drying or a power dryer.

It’s not only the best supplies that you need to properly clean your supercar, however. You also need the best location. Always wash the car indoors, if possible, and definitely avoid doing so outside on a sunny day, which can cause the car to acquire water spots.

As far as methods go, some prefer to wash the car from top to bottom, which can help avoid having to wash the same spots more than once. For a true wash, however, it’s best to wash the dirtiest parts of the car first, such as underneath the bumper or the wheel wells, before getting to the rest of the body and windows.

… Or Prepare to Pay

So far these have been tips for washing your supercar yourself. You could also choose to take it to a professional car wash and detailing service, but be warned: Paying others for a premium wash on a premium car will also come at a premium price.

Pricing varies, of course, but top-level washes for supercars can cost as much as $10,000 or more. It seems extravagant, but this is obviously much more than a simple soap-and-water wipe-down. Such high-end washes will even go so far as to use new technology, such as an electronic microscope to reveal scratches that might not be visible to the human eye. Getting rid of scratches that nobody can see might seem like overkill, but these places wouldn’t exist if there weren’t people that pay for it.

Whichever method of washing you select – doing it yourself or leaving it to the pros – know that keeping a supercar clean is an investment in its own right. You’ll spend plenty of time and/or money keeping it in tip-top condition, but just remember that the looks you receive when slowly rolling down a boulevard will be well worth it.


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