4WD King D6-10 Lightbar Test

4WD King 10″ LED Light Bar

4WD king reached out and asked if we would test one of their D6-10 LED lightbars, of course we were happy to oblige. As a manufacturer, 4WD King makes a variety of budget LED lighting systems. Despite being on a budget they still have IP68 and IP69k ratings for resistance to water and dust intrusion. The IP68 rating means that it must be dust tight during a test that lasts up to 8 hours and water tight to at least 1 meter for continuous water submersion. The IP69k rating means that it can withstand direct high temperature (175°F) high pressure water (8-10 MPa) for a minimum of 30 seconds from at least 4 different angles.

We found the 4WD King D6-10 to exceed all of our expectations for a sub $50 light bar. The light pattern is bright with a center focus and a less bright flood pattern. This is exactly what is needed for a fast moving vehicle at night. The bright center keeps the driver’s eyes focused directly ahead, while the additional flood lighting provides enough light to have a much wider field of view without causing eye fatigue.

Be sure to check out our complete review in the video below!