Tokyo Auto Show 2015 – Mega Gallery in 230 New Photos

tokyo auto show 2015Some sweet strange at the 2015 Tokyo Auto Show!

Fave reveals include the NC2020 in red, plus the Yamaha Sports Ride concept — which is a mini Pagani for all intents and purposes.

Of course, the Mazda RX-Vision is also a fantastic indication of future turbo rotaries returning to the Japanese supercar battle of 2018.  Picture it: GT-R vs Supra FT-1 vs NSX vs RX-7 Turbo!

On the other side of the power spectrum, the Honda S660 and Daihatsu Copen have potential fresh competition beyond the Yamaha above in a mini Toyota sportscar: the S-FR Concept.  Or the mysterious Kode-9 from Ken Okuyama.Ken Okuyama Kode9-3 copy Ken Okuyama Kode9-1 copy

Fave name has to be the Suzuki Mighty Deck, a rolling patiovan right out of your dreams. You were just telling me how you need a parade car, right?  Oh. Wrong person, sorry.

Worst in show? That is such a harsh medal of inglory…. but has to go to the nose and overall fright-fest design Honda FCV concept. Eek.

Honda FCX Clarity-2 copy

Nissan NC2020 Vision GT Concept

Nissan Concept 2020-1 copy Nissan Concept 2020-2 copy Nissan Concept 2020-4 copy Nissan Concept 2020-6 copy

Mazda RX-Vision Concept

Mazda RX-Vision-1 copy Mazda RX-Vision-4 copy Mazda RX-Vision-3 copy Mazda RX-Vision-2 copy Mazda RX-Vision-7 copy

Tokyo Auto Show 2015 – Mega Gallery