5.1s 2017 JAGUAR F-Pace SUV – USA Photos, Colors/Wheels Visualizer and Pricing – From $42k!

In case you hadn’t heard: Jaguar is on a villainous quest for growth in the USA. From 2016, the lineup includes the all-new XE sedans, now-alloy XF and facelifted XJ.  F-Types hard or soft.

And by summertime, the coup de grace.



Looking as wild as a concept, as pricey and posh as a Cayenne Turbo, and with a cabin so delicious you will want to move in?

Plus SERIOUS speed.  That ‘Pace, Grace and Space’ adage definitely applies to the aluminum feline crossover.  The slowest V6, for example, makes 340HP but shoots the F-Pace to 60-mph in an official 5.4-seconds.  That is a stellar pace for the mid-range engine.  The base ’20d’ model is an all-new turbodiesel four-cylinder , and even this makes the benchmark run in just 8.2-seconds — about as quick as the new Lexus RX450h F Sport, embarrassingly for Lexus.

How can the F-Pace be so rapid?  The third-gen vortex supercharger definitely helps keep torque on boil as all times with zero lag.  And zero belt whine like you may recall from XKR and XJRs of yore.  The eight-speed is telepathically predictive and the best autobox in the world. Seriously!  ‘Tis.  Bravo, ZF and JLR.

All three models in the USA will come standard with AWD, but the top engine so far is the V6S making 380HP.  This V6 pulls like a racing V8 and has glorious exhaust sonics to heighten the sense of occasion. Try not to smile as the engine rorts up its rev band and snaps off millisecond-quick downshifts on the steering paddles. Pops and crackles from in back are another Cayenne Turbo-esque-delight for the V6S F-PACE.  The mighty 550HP supercharged 5.0-liter V8 may join the range for 2019.

But with a 5.1-second sprint, few will be complaining about the light and low F-PACE.  The handling is widely expected to embarrass the Range Rover Sport deeply.

The best part!?

It is pretty huge for a five-seat crossover, and AFFORDABLE!f-pace jaguar 2017 first edition blue animated flyaround

All caps?  Yes, seeing the JaguarUSA.com builder yesterday had me shouting on social media like Sarah Palin.


Base pricing for the F-PACE 20d in the USA is just $42k — including delivery.  Yes. For an all-new, all-action Jaguar crossover made on a next-gen alloy frame with alluminum body.  Looks that will turn heads for years? Standard.

That is astoundingly awesome. For the 35t — the mid-spec V6 — base pricing is only a bit dearer: $44k to start.

The top engine in 380HP V6S form carries a base price of $57k, and is totally loaded-to-the-gills at $70 Gs.   That is OUTSTANDING value.  A smaller Macan Turbo with a three-page option sheet driven recently wore a $108k price tag.  The RRS SVR?  $120k.  Cayenne Turbo?  $150k+.  Bentley Bentayga?  $188k+.

Rarified company, but at half the prices.

Plus JaguarUSA’s new care pack with double warranty and free maintenance.. it creates a machine to really lust after.  And make your own!f-pace wheels

THe F-PACE is going to make Jaguar a real player in the luxury market. What seemed like an odd brand to launch an SUV now makes it a core part of its long-term plan.  And it is genius.  Without worrying about muddy-bog off-roading, the F-Pace can really differentiate itself from anything wearing a Land Rover oval.

We LOVE this machine.  And we are not alone!  Jag has the USA builder up now to let buyers place their orders — and even has a $500 deposit right at the end to make sure you get one of the first ones stateside.  That’s not money-grubbing: just a fact. The F-PACE will be the fastest-selling Jaguar ever here in the USA.

Ridiculously good-looking, ridiculously good value, and just redonk speed?

F_PACE, baby.The first deliveries are not yet confirmed, but we expect June of 2016 as 2017 models.

Check out a few of the color and wheel choices, pricing by engine and other details below. We picked white with black 20s and the Black Pack styling — and had to fight the urge to plunk down the online deposit.

The F-Pace kicks off a really terrific new strategy for Jaguar in the USA, and you should pounce on the opportunity.

Devilishly clever, perhaps….2017 JAGUAR F-Pace SUV - USA Visualizer colors

FP_17MY_024_GBL-device_desktop-1366x769_tcm97-186221_desktop_1366x769 fpace



2017 JAGUAR F-Pace S


Base MSRP from $40,990¹

  • 20d AWD
    2.0 Liter 4 cylinder 180 HP Turbocharged Diesel Engine AWD

  • Top Speed: 129 mph
  • 0-60 mph in 8.2 seconds
  • Available with F-PACE, Premium, Prestige and R-Sport



  • 35t AWD
    3.0 Liter V6 340 HP Supercharged Engine AWD

  • Top Speed: 155 mph
  • 0-60 mph in 5.4 seconds
  • Available with F-PACE, Premium, Prestige and R-Sport



  • S AWD
    3.0 Liter V6 380 HP Supercharged Engine AWD

  • Top Speed: 155 mph
  • 0-60 mph in 5.1 seconds




The essence of the F-PACE. Spirited performance, agile handling and practicality.

Base MSRP from $40,9901


For added luxury with a beautifully crafted interior.

Base MSRP from $44,2001


The pinnacle of F-PACE luxury – elegant, sophisticated and loaded with cutting-edge technology.

Base MSRP from $48,7001


Assertive sporting style with an exterior sports trim and specialized sport seats.

Base MSRP from $53,9001


For pure sports performance, the F-PACE S includes the 380hp 3.0L Supercharged V6 engine.

Base MSRP from $56,7001


Inspired by the C-X17 Concept, the F-PACE First Edition offers individuality with exclusive design details and high specification features.

Base MSRP from $69,7001