2016 Mazda2 Sedan Revealed in Thailand + Gorgeous White MX-5

mazda2 sedan gifMazda is killing it lately — in a good way!

It is hard not to feel a bit of pride in their achievements, even as an outsider. The brand is a loveable underdog.

The new CX-3 is amazing, while the exceptionally-competent Mazda6 and CX-5 are also updated for 2016 with cooler LED style details, tech updates and on-trend dark wheels.

Just when you thought Thanksgiving could not possibly have any more to offer from Mazda, here comes the dapper new Mazda2 in four-door sedan form. This car was revealed in Thailand where it will be sold from early 2015 onward. Mazda also announced a new engine plant in Thailand (and Mexico) recently, so the Zoom-Zoom brand is set to increase its overall marketplace footprint very soon.

And boy, do they deserve it. The cars are better than just a skin-deep love of the styling. They are simply outstanding to the core. 2016 Mazda2 Sedan 1 2016 Mazda2 Sedan 3 2016 Mazda2 Sedan 2

We hope the Mazda2 sedan makes it to the US eventually, even if this market has typically been dominated by hatchbacks. But for once – it is not a big loss if it does not make it to America. With the new MX-5 leading the charge to Mazda earning double-digit sales increases, Mazda USA will be just fine without a Mazda2 sedan.

One thing is certain: Mazda is firmly on the ascent.

2016 Mazda2 Sedan

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Mazda to Debut the All-new Mazda2 Sedan at Thailand International Motor Expo

– Goes on sale in Thailand alongside the hatchback model early 2015 –


HIROSHIMA, Japan—Mazda Motor Corporation will debut the sedan model of the all-new Mazda2 (known as Mazda Demio in Japan) at the Thailand International Motor Expo 2014*1 on November 28, 2014. The all-new Mazda2 compact sedan features handsome proportions and bold styling, a high-quality, sporty interior and a combination of excellent driving performance and outstanding environmental and safety performance. The all-new Mazda2 hatchback will also be exhibited at the expo; the first time the model has been displayed to the public in Thailand. Both the sedan and the hatchback feature the SKYACTIV-D 1.5, Mazda’s newly-developed small-displacement clean diesel engine. The all-new Mazda2 goes on sale in Thailand in early 2015.

The all-new Mazda2 is the fourth in Mazda’s line-up of new-generation vehicles adopting the full range of SKYACTIV technologies and the KODO-Soul of Motion design theme. All the new technologies and ideas that Mazda has cultivated throughout the development of its new-generation vehicles since the CX-5 have been packed into the model’s compact body. With features such as the Mazda Connect advanced car connectivity system,*2 the all-new Mazda2 offers functionality and value exceeding the standards of the segment. The model has received high acclaim, including being awarded 2014-2015 Car of the Year Japan in October, 2014.


The Mazda2 is Mazda’s best-selling passenger model in Thailand with approximately 120,000 units sold since the model went on sale in the country in January 2010. The all-new Mazda2 has been approved for the second phase of Thailand’s Eco-Car program, and with the local launch of the new model Mazda aims to further strengthen its business in the country.


Models on display at the Thailand International Motor Expo 2014

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Vehicles scheduled for sale

All-new Mazda2 sedan with SKYACTIV-D 1.5 (World Premiere)

All-new Mazda2 5-door hatchback with SKYACTIV-D 1.5

Vehicles currently on sale

Mazda3, Mazda CX-5, Mazda BT-50

2016 Mazda22016 Mazda2 GIF 2016 Mazda2 First Photos! Upmarket New Grille and Cabin Highlight Changes 5 mazda2_cut003_mjo_high_de_soul_red mazda2_cut004_mjo_high_de_soul_red mazda2_cut006_mjo_high_de_soul_red mazda2_cut009_mjo_high_de_soul_red mazda2_cut024_mjo_high_de_at 2016 Mazda2 First Photos! Upmarket New Grille and Cabin Highlight Changes 1 2016 Mazda2 First Photos! Upmarket New Grille and Cabin Highlight Changes 2 2016 Mazda2 First Photos! Upmarket New Grille and Cabin Highlight Changes 3 2016 Mazda2 First Photos! Upmarket New Grille and Cabin Highlight Changes 4

mazda2 sedan gif