2015 Lincoln MKC ‘Spinning Around’ with Kylie in Nine Sexy Colors

How about this for all-new, extremely fresh car news?

MKC SPINNER karat gold 50MS

The new Lincoln MKC promises huge growth for Lincoln by appealing to far more fashion customers than ever before.

MKC SPINNER ruby red 10MS then 50MS

‘Fashion’ is a bit of a code word for TheLaydaies!!!

MKC SPINNER tahitian pearl 25MS

And pretty girls love to spin around to a great Kylie Minogue dance track. So leave this video playing while watching the MKC dance in seven colors.


(The base images are huge, multi-angle photo collages available on Lincoln.com as the right-click view background image)

Next challenge for me? Somehow syncing the beat of music to the animations.

MKC SPINNER mignightsapphire 10MS

Cue to Tom Burkart scratching his forehead trying to figure it out…

MKC SPINNER smoked quartz 100MS

Beat Frequency Example Problems

Beat frequency can be solved mathematically by using the formula:

beat frequency formula

where f1 and f2 are the frequencies of the two sources.

A tuning fork with a frequency of 440 Hz is sounded together with a note played on a piano. Eight beats are heard in 2 seconds. What is the frequency or pitch of the piano note?


MKC SPINNER tuxedo black doubled 1MS then 25MS - messy

First find out how many beats are heard in 1 second.

Beat frequency = 8 beats = 4 Hz
………………………… ….2 s

MKC SPINNER white platinum 25MS

Next use the beat frequency formula and solve.

solution to problem - 444Hz and 436 Hz

There are 2 possible answers. There must be a difference of 4 Hz between the tuning fork and the piano note. Both f2 answers give us that difference.

MKC SPINNER silver sand 50MS

Without more information, you cannot arrive at just one answer.

If the absolute value part of the equation above gave you some trouble, find the answer this way:

  1. Just add the beat frequency (4Hz) to 440 for one answer.

  2. Subtract 4 Hz from 440 to find the second answer.

MKC SPINNER tuxedo black 75MS

Yes, this is what I do for fun. Sad/true, but perhaps will become a paying job at some point! =]