Buick Teases EV Crossover, Finally Joins Ultium Parade

GM’s revolutionary Ultium EV technology is shaping up to be a potent green-inspired powerhouse for the brand’s sales. However, while GMC, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and even the revived Hummer sub-brand have all gotten in on the act, a notable absence has been GM’s entry-level luxury brand Buick with the tri-shield brigade not mentioning anything about their EV offerings. Buick is changing that narrative though and released a teaser to help celebrate GM’s recent pair of Super Bowl ads while also potentially reviving the Electra nameplate.


Buick Promising Design Focused Offering With Electra

Not much is known about Buick’s Ultium infused offering, but it’s known that it will be a CUV with the brand ditching sedans and other non-utility models a few years ago. The lone teaser image shows off a slice of the front end, with a swoopy-shaped LED running light front and center with a small Buick logo peeking out from the far right corner. 

The hood also has some sporty design elements, but Buick was quick to point out that the model will initially appear as a concept vehicle, so look for the production version to perhaps make some concessions for the sake of production. The new model could also be called the Electra due to GM recently re-trademarking the name after the original Electra died out, with the last of those models being produced in the early 1990s. Look for the Electra (if it keeps that moniker) to follow the Equinox EV in regards to infusing more sportiness into its design which would be a notable departure from the ICE-powered SUV lineup. 


Promises To Be A Game Changer

A key slice of Buick’s sales success is its desirability among women with the brand revealing that over 56 percent of its sales in 2021 came from female buyers. Look for the Electra (name pending) to potentially build on this sales success especially if Buick can deliver the goods when it comes to some of the functionality, technology, and performance that these buyers want.

The Electra could also borrow some technology from other Ultium entries like the Cadillac Lyriq and the Equinox EV, but without a better look at the Electra, we’ll have to wait and see if that’s indeed the case or if the Electra will bring some new things to the table that will be exclusive to it versus being shared with other members of the Ultium family. Either way, the Electra name does embody the electron power that will power the CUV, and it’ll be a very interesting revival of an iconic nameplate that once defined Buick in the 1950s and 60s.