Houston Auto Show – 2016 Lincoln MKX Really Impresses in 27 New, High-Res Photos

mkxLike us, you might have been slightly underwhelmed by the design of the brand-new, 2016 Lincoln MKX when it was revealed in Detroit just two weeks ago. It seemed new, yes — but virtually identical to the MKC crossover!?

In the flesh, there are dramatic family resemblences between Lincoln’s two new crossovers, but the MKX does impress with its own premium details and much-larger overall profile. The MKC is bite-size next to this luxury cruiser. They both seat five, but the MKX will have much happier occupants in the posh second row of seats, and more luggage room in back as well.

The details we like best on the MKX are the LED brake lights, the vaguely Cayenne-like side profile, and the nose. Yes, the nose.2016 Lincoln MKX 10

This latest evolution of the Lincoln mustache face is really coming along. Even the sexy MKZ sedan still feels a bit wonky up front from some angles. Not this MKX.

The combination of more chopped edges in the grille waterfalls, the new LED headlights up top (which are optional), and a darker chrome treatment all works very slinkily on the MKX.

The best new design element is that the headlights are now wrapped in brightwork and merge into the grille segments very convincingly.

We did not get a chance to see the lights on or peek inside the cabin, but overall: the MKX is very cool in the flesh.

Most surprising overall versus its distant cousin, the Ford Edge? The Lincoln MKX looks a million times more premium and special. That is big news, as the Edge and previous MKX seemed a bit too close for comfort in many ways.

2016 Lincoln MKX