2015 Lincoln MKC Crossover – A Cool Mix of Infiniti and Audi from $34,000

[Orig Published Nov 28, 2013 @ 14:37]

A big piece of news from Lincoln Motor Company this week.

MKC SPINNER smoked quartz 100MS MKC SPINNER ruby red 10MS then 50MS

The production-specification MKC crossover debuted with pricing from $34,000, with an arrival in late Spring 2014 to Lincoln showrooms looking just like this.


Included in this article are 138 photos of the 2015 MKC.

2015 Lincoln MKC Crossover - ANIMATION

Those details are interesting, but not quite as much as the advanced styling concepts and a choice of two sizes of EcoBoost engine. The excellent 2.0-liter brings 240-horsepower in the lowest priced models, while the bigger option offers a meaty 270 horsepower.

This is the new up-level 2.3-liter turbo engine’s first outing in a production car, but this engine is closely related to the Focus ST and – possibly – a future lightweight Mustang.

MKC SPINNER karat gold 50MS MKC SPINNER tahitian pearl 25MS

Enjoy these mega galleries of the 2015 Lincoln MKC, including details on the exterior styling, interior swankiness, and a few wild paint color options.

MKC SPINNER tuxedo black 75MS MKC SPINNER tuxedo black doubled 1MS then 25MS - messy MKC SPINNER white platinum 25MS MKC SPINNER silver sand 50MS

2015 Lincoln MKC – Exterior Reveal


2015 Lincoln MKC – Interior Gallery

2015 Lincoln MKC Crossover - A Cool Mix of Infiniti and Audi25

2015 Lincoln MKC – Exterior Color Visualizer

Lincoln’s new website for the MKC debut is actually really fun and interactive, with a very J.Crew feel to all the videos and information.

The color visualizer is a must!

2015 Lincoln MKC Crossover - A Cool Mix of Infiniti and Audi94