Best of 2013 Awards – Tail-Out, Balls-Out Supercar – $70,000 Lotus Exige S

What a pivot for Lotus Cars in 2013.

While still reeling from ownership changes and a variety of management re-alignments, Lotus Cars shines its green and gold flags through any fog.

This is a racing company at its core, and the Exige S arrives to American buyers with all the power, prestige and class of true exotic cars.

While sharing a vaguely familiar silhouette with the Elise and previous-gen Exige, the looks are very modern and fresh up close.

All the race-ready Exige S styling elements really work together with its ultra-low, ultra-wide footprint.

Exige S



Where the previous Exige and Elise felt a bit toy-like in size, the new Exige is far larger and wider out back to house the mid-mounted supercharged V6 engine.


This keeps the cabin intimate and the nose barely-there, but all that extra width out back is critical for supercar proportions. Add the rear spoiler, and the Lotus is only stickers and slick tires away from a podium finish.

More than that: this is a mini Venom GT!

Exige S Performance – Bullet Points:

– 60 mph in 3.8-seconds with the new Lotus DPM (Dynamic Performance Mgmt)

– Racing six-speed manual

– 3.5-liter DVVT V6 with Eaton Twin Vortex Supercharger

– Redlines: 6,600 RPM, 7,000 Sport, 7,200 Race

– Horsepower: 354 / Torque: 295

– Vmax: 170MPH

Those are good numbers, but only tell half the story. The Exige S is fastest when sliding around. It loves tail-out action and will play along with any track or street mood.

But the best part of the Exige S – besides its hot new looks, 3.8-second sprint to 60-mph, and, handling feel to shame a Cayman?

Exige S

The price. This supercar is a giant killer for all the above reasons – and its affordability slams home the award for these delightful Exige S twins.

Best of Awards - Lotus Exige S - Tail-Out Balls-Out Supercar 2659

Pricing for the Exige S in American Lotus dealers is from $70,000 – check out the configurator here.

As a very small sports-car manufacturer in the big U.S. auto market, Lotus has not yet confirmed the Roadster Exige S will  be coming across the pond.

Best of Awards - Lotus Exige S - Tail-Out Balls-Out Supercar 267

If interested in just the cabrio – please ask nicely – and perhaps this tail-out, balls-out roadster will be on our roads (and racetracks!) by summertime…

Specs Details Gallery

Some cool details in the new LDPM system, with sophisticated track settings that are really smart and will help drivers to get faster on tracks over time.

Lotus Dynamic Performance Management System (Lotus DPM) – Developed with Bosch.

Best of Awards - Lotus Exige S - Tail-Out Balls-Out Supercar 2645
Includes the following features:
• Hydraulic Brake Assist (HBA)
• Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD)
• Corner Brake Control (CBC)
• Drag Torque Control (DTC)
• Electronic Differential Lock (EDL)
• Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
• Understeer Recognition

DPM can be set to deliver 4 specific
• Touring
• Sport
• Race
• Off

Best of Awards - Lotus Exige S - Tail-Out Balls-Out Supercar 2618
Touring mode
• Developed for normal daily driving
• Offers the highest level of control with progressive intervention

Sport mode
• Sharpens the throttle response
• Increases the traction slip thresholds
• Opens the engine protection valve at mid to high RPM
• Increases the maximum engine RPM from 6800 rpm to 7200rpm
• Removes Under-steer recognition allowing the driver more control and adjustability

Race mode (optional as part of the Race Pack)
• Throttle response as Sport
• Maximum engine RPM as Sport
• Engine protection valve permanently open
• The clever part; System learns friction coefficient (µ) of the track surface then delivers the optimum amount of torque and wheel slip to maximise cornering speed
• Reduced ESC intervention to allow driver near full control
• Launch mode facility

Exige S
• Only the braking safety features remain activated (ABS, CBC, EBD…)
• Throttle response as Sport
• Maximum engine RPM as Sport
• Engine protection valve permanently open


2014 Lotus Exige S – Gallery – Silver


2014 Lotus Exige S – Gallery – White

2014 Lotus Exige S – Gallery – Green

~2015 Lotus Exige S Roadster – Gallery

Official Release from Lotus below.

November 2013 – Introducing the Exige S

The ultimate expression of performance, the Lotus Exige S is a true race car for the road.

The Exige S blends the extreme and the sublime. In true Lotus fashion, it traces its origins back to motorsport, conceived from technology developed in competition. With its highly tuned engine, dramatic styling, and hardcore handling – Lotus’ recipe for intense performance remains instantly recognizable.

The aggressive lines of the Exige S underline its racing pedigree; its track inspired aerodynamics a statement of its performance ability.

Best of Awards - Lotus Exige S - Tail-Out Balls-Out Supercar 267

Lotus’ engineering and motorsport expertise is clear from the focused aesthetics of the Exige and performance follows suit; it’s a sports car that delivers on both road and track, its lightweight chassis and awesome supercharged engine provides a perfect balance of power and weight.

The state-of-the-art Exige chassis is composed of an extruded and bonded aluminum structure, developed for its lightweight yet incredibly stiff design, with a central tub containing the driver’s cockpit and safety cell – a format closely reflecting the layout of modern-day racing cars. Its unique design ensures an extremely rigid chassis, and the perfect foundation for an agile sports car.

Underneath the new Exige S body lays the key to its potent performance, a mid-mounted, supercharged V6 producing 258 kW and a staggering 400 Nm of torque. Coupling this powerplant with the Exige’s sublime chassis provides the perfect foundation for this unparalleled sports car.

Intense performance comes from intensive detail. Lotus’ motorsport expertise features strongly in the Exige’s design and engineering, with race-derived components such as double wishbone suspension, Bilstein dampers, Eibach springs and AP Racing track tuned braking systems, every component having been carefully developed and optimized on track.

Dramatic styling comprising sleek body with sculptured, lean form and track focused aerodynamic package conveys the racing purpose of the Exige even before the engine is fired.

Helping the driver harness the incredible power is a Dynamic Performance Management system (DPM) that offers extra stability when the high levels of grip are exceeded. A selectable ‘Sport’ mode takes DPM one step further, allowing the driver to safely explore the limits even more.

The transition from twisting track to open road does not faze the Exige S, with its expertly engineered suspension working in harmony with its chassis and sticky Pirelli tyres, ensuring swift progress without compromising driver involvement or feedback. Whatever the circumstances – tight hairpin, sweeping curve or flowing straight, the Exige S is superbly poised and controlled, delivering confidence-inspiring feedback.

At the slightest urge, the supercharged engine delivers immediate throttle response thanks to ample torque available throughout the rev range. Immense stopping power comes via huge cross-drilled and ventilated four-piston calliper brakes. A slick shifting 6 speed manual with optimised sports ratios puts you in total control of the driving experience.

The Exige S cuts an imposing silhouette on the road, instantly standing out from the crowd. From its purposeful design to its awe inspiring dynamic capabilities, the Exige S’ intent is clear. Its credentials may be proven on track, but it is equally at home on the road.

Raw performance, agility, unparalleled ride and handling and mind blowing drive experience: these attributes are what people have come to expect from Lotus, and the Exige S doesn’t disappoint. With a 258 kW supercharged V6 engine powering it from 0-100 km/h in only 4 seconds, this track developed road car isn’t for the faint-hearted. Performance is accessed via a 6 speed manual transmission with perfectly matched ratios.

Thrills come from the incredible sensation of intimacy experienced in the Exige S. But you wouldn’t expect any less from a car developed for drivers by drivers. Expertly honed by the renowned Lotus ride and handling team on some of the world’s most demanding test circuits including the Hethel test track, its dynamic capabilities are awe-inspiring.

Best of Awards - Lotus Exige S - Tail-Out Balls-Out Supercar 268 Best of Awards - Lotus Exige S - Tail-Out Balls-Out Supercar 2610 Best of Awards - Lotus Exige S - Tail-Out Balls-Out Supercar 2613 Best of Awards - Lotus Exige S - Tail-Out Balls-Out Supercar 2615