Cool 2015 BMW i8 Animations + Live Visualizer Links

2015 BMW i8 in White GIF Doors1111111

The 2015 BMW i8 is beautiful. Make no mistake about it: this will instantly be the most-exciting car on the roads from the second half of next year.

BMW i Visualizer – see this exact i8 and change the colors, wheels, leathers…

It is significantly more challenging to grasp the i8’s performance potential in advance, like we can for most new sports cars and even hypercars from the big names.

But while the i3 might be a bit funky, the i8 is stunning. Low roof, scorching pace, style for days: this i8 is hot.

It also brings forth never-before-executed concepts in tech, aero, propulsion and grip.

2015 BMW i8 in White GIF Exterior111111

Therefore, the i8 presents a huge volume of data to take into our already-packed, car-mag-reading brains.

But we all need to relax a lot more, and recall that it is BMW here.

When BMW makes a $140,000 exotic “progressive sports car” — be sure it will pack serious thrills.

Loss of the glass roof from the previous concepts is really the biggest change from the outside, but contrast-black panels are glossy and layered in very interesting ways.

2015 BMW i8 in Crystal White – Exterior Gallery

2015 BMW i8 in White GIF Doors

2015 BMW i8 – Interior Gallery – BMW i Visualizer



Interior and Doors Animation

The cabin is far more toned-done. It takes typical BMW cues for all the iDrive systems and forthcoming BMW i driving modes — but pairs it with a super-low dashboard cowl, almost holographic-looking display screens, and four seats.

2015 BMW i8 Inside

Animation and BMW i Visualizer Images

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