When In Doubt: Porsche. LMP1 Glory Past, Present and Future

Porsche will fly twin missions under the Volkswagen Group.

But only four letters really matter: LMP1

As the production cars division spreads the 911 ethos across a wide variety of new body styles over the next decade, vehicles with a Porsche badge will come in all sorts of new shapes and prices.

Along with this proliferation of bad-ass sports cars? Winning the world’s toughest and most-respected race of any kind.


Swimming laps? No. Running laps? No.

No Olympic athletes are asked to perform for 24 hours in a row. The reason?

Ostensibly, it cannot be done.

Many have said the same thing about a single machine pushed to ten tenths by three drivers over a full day. It is (about) 8:00am on a Saturday, until the same time that Sunday as Church bells ring across sleepy, dewy France.

Porsche is back.


And when Porsche dedicates themselves to something, the best possible position is a birds-eye view: marveling at what they will create.

But LeMans is a team sport. A big team.

Imagine if every footie team was able to custom-design the layouts and programming of their own ball. Not the field, but the ball could be custom-tailored to perform.

Such is Porsche.

Enjoy these image galleries from Porsche, as well as a few must-see videos featuring these incredible achievements.


To all the gentleman drivers of LeMans 2014: Make way!