BMW i8 and M1 — Dynamic Desktop Wallpapers — Alpha Testing Reveals… They Do Not Animate =]

UPDATE1: These... do not work. They do not animate once set as desktop background. Sorry guys. =] We tried.

A great idea from special contributor Chris Maypole yesterday! Add some downloadable desktop backgrounds!

BMW i8 GIF USE 1s 28 images

So here they are. =]


Dynamic Desktop Backgrounds — Usage Instructions:

1. Open this image in a new tab or window

2. Rightclick image


3. Select “Set As Desktop Background”


Piece of cake!  But this is a beta. I do not know if it will work on anything besides the exact type of Lenovo stinkpad I am typing on.


These are about 1600x500 or so -- so might need to be 'tiled' or 'repeated' to fill your screen -- but this is a first step. They rotate among four BMW M1 and i8 images every 30 seconds --- just like the wallpaper you see behind the content area of today. 
HUGE GIF background 1
 HUGE GIF background 4
Why not just stretch the same size image? 

Animations do not like being resized, and often stop dancing when it happens against their will. Secondly, the image quality deteriorates rapidly.

This next one is huge. It is 2048x888 pixels and consists of all 28 images on the same 30-second rotation loop. BETA -- DYNAMIC DESKTOP BACKGROUND 2048x888 -- 2015 BMW i8

It is also 18MB, so please be patient if this page loads badly or … not at all! =]