Toyota Avalon Enters Final Model Year With All New XSE Hybrid Nightshade Model

It wasn’t too long ago that Toyota revealed that the Avalon would not live beyond the 2022 model year. We recently had one final chance to check out the recently axed TRD model and the Japanese auto giant has now confirmed that not only an additional trim level will go away, but that the final run of Avalons will also be the latest recipient of the Nightshade appearance package.   XSE Hybrid Embraces The Night Like other Nightshade-equipped Toyotas, the dark motif for the Avalon is purely a styling package that aims to bring the Avalon into the dark side. …

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Road Test Review – 2021 Toyota Avalon TRD – The Last Word In Avalon Performance?

When you think of the soon to be axed 2021 Toyota Avalon, chances are that you don’t necessarily think of it as a performance-focused offering. Part of that was due to how Toyota sold the model for years, with the company preferring to highlight its long list of comfort and entry-level luxury features. The Avalon is the latest victim of the U.S. market’s recent push towards SUV and CUV models. Still, before it goes away, Toyota decided to create an Avalon that could be a passable machine for weekend track work thanks to the addition of TRD goodies. But is …

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Road Test Review – 2019 Toyta Avalon Limited Hybrid- By Carl Malek

When it comes to big sedans, few can come close to matching the unique arsenal of traits that the venerable Toyota Avalon brings to the table. Focusing on providing comfort and borderline luxury to its owners, the Avalon is a key name in the large sedan segment. But with schools of CUV and SUV models circling this iconic segment like sharks, the Avalon faces turbulent waters in its quest to remain true to its virtues. Despite this (as well as the success of its own utility offerings) Toyota is still keen to be a key player in the sedan segment, …

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HD Road Test Review – 2015 Chrysler 300 Limited – Great Box, So-So Rack

The Chrysler 300 is fresh for 2015 with more than half of its parts either all-new or redesigned. The upgrade list is massive — and even includes the American full-size icon’s exterior. But the changes outside are far more subtle than those under the skin and in the cabin. Chrysler is keeping the original 300 style alive for 2015 — hoping to ignite the same huge swell of passion that surrounded the original 2005 model. What a launch that was. Makes you smile to recall the full-size American car reclaiming its former glory as gigantic, affordable wheels. This segment of …

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2016 Toyota Avalon Brings New Suspension Tuning, LED + Tech Upgrades and Top-line Touring Trim

  The 2016 Toyota Avalon is refreshed for Chicago including a number of tweaks to the current style and trim levels, plus a loaded Touring trim to top the model line with sporty dark-grey wheels and grille. All 2016 Avalons benefit from enhanced chassis tuning — with the suspension now delivering a better sport and comfort ride compromise than the current model. Shifted a bit too far toward sporty springs in its 2012 refresh, the Avalon in this generation was never too happy either cruising or handling tight bends at speed. We hope the new model addresses this unhappy handling …

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