Some Sweet Status Updates — Our New FB Page Hits 1,280 Likes in Week Two!

The new Facebook page is a hit!


Welcome, cherished car-news readers!

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We hope you’ll enjoy this unique web experience, with as few glitches and clicks as possible to devour a news article in 5-min or less. But do not be surprised if you are shocked by my words at times…. or shocked into laughter!


The goal here is to make a fun environment for every kind of car news…. in the world!

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Agenda Items:

Our new Facebook page is exploding with growth! Please head over to ‘Like’ the page, which will then plop the freshest, maddest and coolest cars and trucks right into your faceplace Newsfeed.

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Easy, fun and free? On a Saturday night? Yep.

Our new FB page even has a full stream of our Pinterest boards as well, which is usually good for some comic relief.

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— But for all you voracious RSS  consumers, we love you just as much …if not more… than our new FB chums.

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Tom Burkart