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Update1 With 88 New Photos – 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport – Specs, Prices, Options and Colors

Updates today from the very-finished 2015 Land Rover Discover Sport, an all-new design to replace the aging Freelander LR2 with a new seven-seat mid-size crossover. Okay, premium compact is more like it — the dimensions are similar to a $23,000 Nissan Rogue all around. But this model with one 240-horsepower turbo + 4WD + 9-speed automatic will definitely make buyers in the X3 and Q5 segment perk up their ears. The Discovery Sport is priced and all-set for USA arrivals en masse starting as soon as this January 2015. We are impressed by the speed of the launch rollout, and …

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2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport is All-New 5+2 Crossover from $38k in USA March 2015

Building on the design momentum of the Discovery Vision Concept, today we have an all-new Discovery Sport production model on its way very soon. This eagerly-anticipated update to the LR2 is larger, more modern, vastly better-connected to new tech and sporting a low-slung Evoque-meets-RRS profile. Inside, a new rear jumpseat answers a clear buyer priority, while gasoline turbo engines will make up the launch line in the US during first shipments in Spring 2015, we estimate. Analysis? The cabin in these very fake pre-production renderings looks very Ford-ish, as does the exterior.     2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport   …

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