2017 Faraday Future FF91 – Updated with Live Photos/Video

The saga of Faraday Future has been a roller coaster ride ever since the company was first formed especially with the recent defections of several top Faraday executives. However, the company chose to put these rumors to the wayside with the unveiling of the FF91 EV.

The FF91 is a key offering for the mysterious upstart company, and on paper at least, the crossover-esque vehicle is a potent beast. The car will come equipped with a 200 kW fast charging capacity, which works in tandem with the 130 kWh battery pack to deliver a 378 mile driving range with the fast charger allegedly delivering 500 miles per charge hour according to vice-president of propulsion emgineering Pete Savagian.

Look for this range to noticeably decrease when drivers unleash the FF91’s wild side, with the car capable of producing 1,050 horsepower from its electric multi-motor drivetrain. That’s alot of electrons, and its enough to send the crossover to 60 mph in 2.39 seconds making it one of the fastest offerings on the planet today.

The exterior styling of the FF91 is a bold blend of futuristic cues and smooth simple lines that are a welcome departure from the curves and creases that dominate modern car design. Front and rear LED light bars highlight both ends, and a special lidar sensor below the windshield and two additional sensors on the roof tease its autonomus capabilities.

The FF91 was designed to cater to the luxury car segment, and as a result, features a cabin design that was created around the rear seats. The forementioned seats were inspired by NASA units, and offer segment leading reclining capability and comfort. Passengers can even dim the windows by tapping on the glass, though we are curious to see if this unique gimmick can pass safety regs as well as the rigors of long term use.

Fittingly, the FF91 also features a state of the art touchscreen infotainment system which was jointly developed by Faraday and the Chinese firm LeEco. Our favorite futuristic touch is a special B-pillar mounted camera that recognizes occupants, and allows the car to unlock and open the doors when they approach. This eliminates the need for a formal key, and also enhances security at the same time.

Pricing information has not been released, but buyers looking to add one to their garage can visit Faraday Future’s website and place a $5,000 refundable deposit with the first 300 applicants being given the chance in March to upgrade to a launch only model dubbed the Alliance Edition.

With all of these features and potential, the FF91 could be a goldmine for the young firm. But all of this will depend on the company’s financial situation, and whether they can keep their promises on the FF91’s capabilities. In the meantime, you can check out Faraday Future’s launch video for the car which can be seen below.