200MPH 2017 Vanda Dendrobrium Joins Goodwood FoS Lineup


Geneva was filthy with million-dollar exoptics this year.  And at least half of those were from new brands with electric propulsion.

The Vanda Electrics entry is one of the most compelling, visually, for its modern and carved track appeal.  A no-fluff machine clearly designed for laptimes!   Ground-effect aero, power doors and canopy and floating wheels?  Dreamy!

Concept hypercars have a bad reputation for not being real, however.  And Dendrobrium’s lack of tech specs makes one worry a bit.  

The targets are simple enough for any EV hypercar: 3.0-seconds to 60-mph, 200-mph top speed and a range of about 200 miles.  This would make for a Tesla-fast McLaren rival at any track worldwide.

But no one has seen it run so far.  And the electric tractor of the homepage for VandaElectrics.com does not inspire confidence.  Is this just a halo branding exercise or will be it made and sold?

That looks set to change this weekend at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.  The Vanda D will make its run up the hill.  With a whirr of next-gen electrics abuzz, hopefully!

Nevermind.  It appears to be a static display at the Michelin stand.

Here is a close look at all the images we have of this new (right-hand-drive) hypercar so far.


2017 Vanda Dendrobrium