2022 Lexus NX 350 F Sport: The Ultimate Rav4

All new for 2022, the Lexus NX 350 F Sport has been updated in a very competitive market.


Better aerodynamics can increase performance in just about every way. As such the 2022 NX has a very sloped windshield and slippery profile. Our tester was adorned in beautiful Ultrasonic Blue Mica paint that really accented the body creases. 

From the front the NX is very aggressive. This is mostly due to the massive grill and faux brake vents. The silver front splitter is a nice accent when contrasted with the black grill and blue paint. LED headlights angle into the spindle shaped grill at the narrowest point. Down low at the far edges of the bumper are a set of LED fog lights. Also hidden next to the fog lights are a set of cornering lights that illuminate when the steering wheel is turned, lighting up the side of the road for better clarity.

Moving to the side we find that the silver front splitter transitions into black side trim running the length of the vehicle. When it reaches the back it transitions back into silver for the rear splitter. Unique to the F Sport are 20” black painted wheels wrapped in 235/50R20 Bridgestone tires. The only badging on the side is an F sport badge on the front quarter panel.

Onto the back we see LEXUS in script across the rear hatch. Tail Lights bracket the hatch with a light bar that completes the span from one side to the other. The exhaust is all but hidden which makes the rear end look smooth and uninterrupted.

Inside the 2022 NX 350 F Sport

While many sport trimmed vehicles have brightly colored stitching, the 2022 NX 350 F Sport uses a more subdued whitish thread. Soft surfaces abound with the exception of the window sills.

The new infotainment system is driver centric, making huge improvements over the previous generation. Steering wheel controls have been greatly improved, especially when paired to a HUD. New tech is always pulling a driver’s attention away from driving. However, Lexus is making a big effort to keep the driver’s eyes where they belong while still providing modern tech features.

Being a small crossover there isn’t a ton of interior space. However, Lexus has made the seating very comfortable both front and rear.

From the outside the door handles don’t move. They are electronically controlled with a button in the handle. On the inside however there is a lever. This lever can be pushed for the electronic function to open the door, or pulled twice to manually open the door. Hopefully this system will be more robust than electronic door handles we’ve seen from other manufacturers.

There is one issue with the interior though, and it has become a trend in many vehicles. PIANO BLACK TRIM! Manufacturers are putting piano black trim all over new vehicles. This trim shows every spec of dust, finger print, and smudge, scratches are very visible, and the worst part is the reflections while driving. We’ve been blinded by the sun’s reflection off of piano black trim on multiple occasions. There has to be something better!


Off-Pavement Test


With a base MSRP of $46,650 the Lexus NX 350 F Sport falls within the realm and even below its competition. With the added options and destination charge the total MSRP of our tester was $55,595. For other vehicles this size take a look at the BMW X3, Mercedes GLC, and Acura RDX.


Lexus has improved significantly over the past few years with the updated ES and now NX. Luxury has always been a part of Lexus, but it seems they are doing more than ever before. Interior quality feels top tier, and the only thing lacking when compared to the Germans is a high performance variant.