Product Review – SLIME Cordless Tire Inflator

Very quick take on this product? A huge thumbs up and big yes.

What is it?

A solution to maintain perfect tire pressure easily, at home and on the road.

Who needs one?

Anyone with a nagging Tire Pressure Monitoring System alert, for one.  And another would be folks living in coastal or mountain climates where natural changes in the barometrics are said to slowly deflate tires.  And finally, those folks who know they have a wonky tire situation of some kind — and are dead sick of dumping quarters into the gas-station Vac/Air station.

On the other side of car-dom, extreme drivers or track hounds will love how precisely pumped this Inflator will keep all four paws.

How does it work?

This cordless tire inflator is about the size of a drill and has lithium-ion battery power that is both potent and pretty light. It automatically inflates tires, sports balls, bike tubes and anything else with the optimal air pressure.  (A manufacturer sticker in the inner driver’s door-jam will tell you the best pressure for your ride.)

The digital gauge lets you choose whatever pressure is perfect for your ride, then the air pump shuts off when that pressure is reached.

We’ve used the Slime inflator to top up tires as well as inflate one from zero.  The changes in pressure are quick — this thing pumps hard.  It is easy to use and has a trigger lock to stay on until PSI is reached.  From a totally flat tire it takes 6 minutes to reach pressure but felt faster than that on the test vehicle.

Does it work on basketballs or rafts?

Yep, attachment nozzles included.

Should you buy it?

Yes, it’s a great addition to my emergency trunk kit and will be for you too.

Anything we didn’t love about it?

The air hose is a little short, so the Inflator can’t sit on its base at times.  Slime says to charge it all the way before use (about 4 hours), but it does have juice right out of the box.  The charger is a USB so handy for mobile charging too.

Pricing is about $60 and it is available now in stores or online.