Rolls Royce Cullinan Black And Bright Editions Pay Homage To Moscow, Display Wild Colors

Rolls Royce is never a stranger whne it comes to producing special edition versions of its models, and we have seen the British ultra-luxury automaker embark on a number of diffrent themes over the years. This time, Rolls Royce has chosen to pay tribute to the night skies of Moscow, Russia with the all new Black and Bright Collection Cullinan.


Russia Is Key Market For Rolls Royce

While the city that was once the cradle of communisim and the Cold War might not seem like a key market for the company at first glance, modern Russia has become a potent venue for Rolls with a good slice of its sales being produced by Russian customers. As such, these special edition Cullinans will only be available in Russia which will undoubtedly be an envious piece of exclusivity to buyers that show them off to their friends from the west.

The naming here is split into two parts with the “Black” portion of the name being dervived from the Black Badge spec donor vehicles that help form the core of this unique special editon. As for the “bright” part of the moniker that comes from the wild paint colors that each of these models will be adorned with (Turchese Blue, Magma Red, Forge Yellow, Orange Metallic, and Twilight Purple.) Rolls Royce even offered a glimpse inside two of them with one of the Cullinans featuring a blue on black interior and another one accenting the black with citrusy orange colors. All of these models will feature a bespoke treatemtn on the passenger dashboard with strips of carbon fiber being meshed with the primary color. Rolls reps claim that it takes 21 days for craftspeople to complete the treatment.


Exclusivity Defines This Flavor Of Cullinan

In the U.S. The Cullinan Black Badge starts at $382,000 with fully optioned models like the one we drove earlier this year crossing the $400,000 barrier. In Russia that converts to 28741674.50 rubles and these Black and Bright Editions will most likely be over that figure. If your a buyer residing in Russia and you want to add one of these Cullinans in your garage, Rolls will only be producing five of them with all five being available only through the Rolls Royce showroom that’s housed in the Ukrania Hotel.