Hypercar Heroes – 2013 Lamborghini VENENO Coupe in 44 Photos

venWe just had some fairly disparaging things to day about the Veneno’s design appeal in a previous article.  The words ‘unnecessarily aggressive’ seemed fitting in the moment.

But what will come of this 2013 Geneva showcar, of which a handful of production variants were made? Will it go down in history as one of the all-time most exotic hypercars of all time?

In person and behind the wheel — the answer is YES!

Nothing packs the cut-throat visceral beauty of the Veneno coupe, in truth, even two years later in 2015. The LaFerrari FXX K is stunning, while the P1 GTR takes no prisoners whatsoever.

The brutalist forms of the Veneno feel fairly dated even now, however. Just a few years later… some of these Lambo concepts are not ‘for the ages.’ The Reventon, for example, was far better in memory than it presents in the flesh today.

However you slice the deck, though, the Veneno will be a memorable highlight in these heady hypercar heydays.


2013 Lamborghini VENENO Coupe