Chrysler Debuts Synthesis Demonstrator At CES 2023, Promises It Will Be Glimpse Into Brand’s Future

Unlike sister brand Ram, Chrysler is not debuting a formal vehicle at CES 2023, but is instead using the opportunity to show what the interior of its future EV offerings will look like when they eventually make their way into production over the next few years with the Synthesis Demonstrator.


Synthesis Demonstrator Doubles Down On Screens

At first glance, the Synthesis Demonstrator looks like a cross between a jet ski and a modern sitting lounge. However, look past some of the awkward angles, and it’s clear that this demonstrator is hinting at big things for Chrysler. A prominent one is the infusion of STLA technology, with the slick demonstrator equipped with the STLA Smart Cockpit, STLA Brain, and STLA AutoDrive systems. The appearance of AutoDrive suggests that Chrysler is aiming for Level 3 autonomous driving capability, which would put their models in a unique spot when viewed alongside other EV contenders.

Smart Cockpit is arguably the most visually striking of the additions, and it uses a massive 37-inch screen that stretches from one end of the dashboard to the other. The screen has two sections and provides the driver and passenger content. The Brain technology prefers to run into the background. Still, it plays an important role thanks to its ability to learn occupant preferences, manage OTA updates, and even serve as a virtual assistant.

Along with the technology, the interior also provides a glimpse into the core design themes that the interiors of these models will embrace. There’s a visible lack of chrome trim, and instead it appears that designers focused on organic themes with sustainability playing a key role. That includes responsibly sourced wood, tanned vegetable-based seating, and recycled plastics for select areas of the interior. If some of this looks familiar to you, that’s because Chrysler showed off some of the core essentials in the Airflow concept that appeared at last year’s CES and in a slightly tweaked form at the New York Auto Show.


When Will All Of This Enter Production?

Chrysler has stated in the past that it will be launching its first EV model in 2025 and while some of the Synthesis Demonstrator’s styling is more showpiece than production interior at this point, look for the screen technology to carryover to a production EV as well as the strong focus on interior materials that reflect the strong green message that Chrysler is trying to project. A future BEV from the brand will also have an uphill battle to climb against rivals like the Ford Mustang Mach-E, Chevrolet Bolt, and other EV offerings. All of them have had a head start on Chrysler and have used this sizable advantage to build up consumer loyalty and inventory. It doesn’t;t help either that Chrysler has been limping along for the past few years with an aging lineup of existing models, including the Chrysler 300

That said, it’s not a lost cause for Chrysler, and if the brand can market, develop, and produce these BEVs correctly, they might be able to lure in a few consumers that are looking for either the latest in technology or want something that goes against the grain when compared to the EV offerings out in the marketplace today.