What Car Trends Can We Expect in 2019?

The automotive industry is continually changing, and new technology is coming to the market faster than we can keep up with. 2019 looks like it’s going to be a fantastic year for the auto industry. What new trends can we expect to see? Here are five of them.

1. Electric Vehicle Growth

Nearly every manufacturer has at least one electric vehicle in their lineup currently, and that trend will continue to grow in 2019. BMW, for example, is planning on mass producing electric cars by 2020. The total number of genuinely electric vehicle sales for 2018 is expected to reach 1.4 million units and will continue to grow in 2019. Many companies, such as Tesla and Shell, are currently constructing electric vehicle charging stations across the U.S and Europe, making traveling by electric car more accessible than ever before.

2. More Trucks, Fewer Sedans

Sedans are popular for their fuel economy and passenger capacity, but there won’t be as many new ones on the roads in the coming years. Ford is only keeping two of its sedans: the Focus Active and the iconic Mustang. The automaker is planning on focusing 90 percent of their portfolio on SUVs, pickup trucks and crossovers by 2020. Chrysler and Chevy have made similar plans, though they have not made any official announcements.

3. Tint and Film Advances

Tint can be a great way to change the look of your car and protect the interior from the damage caused by UV rays. New technology is improving the look of tint and making it even more durable. New advances in this technology have also made it possible for clear tint to reject up to 92 percent of UV radiation keeping the car cooler and protecting the upholstery. This tint can even be applied to the front windshield without obstructing the driver’s line-of-sight.

4. Commercial Autonomy

Autonomous cars aren’t just appealing to consumers who have a long commute. New advances in autonomous vehicle technology are also appealing to retail customers like Uber and even delivery companies like Pizza Hut. Toyota debuted a concept at CES 2018 known as the e-Palette, which could be configured for the specific needs of the company to be able to deliver everything from pizza to people.

5. Car Subscription Plans

You can find subscription plans for nearly anything, from pop culture to wine and liquor and everything in between. One new trend that began emerging in 2018 and will continue to grow in 2019 is the concept of car subscription services. While it’s a bit more expensive than your average Loot Crate, it can allow you to swap out your car for a new one as often as once a month. It also provides an alternative to the traditional lease-or-buy that usually accompanies the acquisition of a new car.

2019 looks like it’s going to be a fantastic year for the automotive industry. Only time will tell which of these trends will succeed and which of them will vanish like Ford’s sedans, but we can’t wait to see the ones that do pan out.