2022 Mercedes EQB Is The GLB’s EV Brother, Mixes Utility With Zero Emissions Driving

Mercedes’s EQ brand aims to shake up the electric vehicle segment, and the company knows that for EQ to succeed through its growing pains, it needs more models to reach out to a wider swath of buyers. While the EQS flagship sedan is a glitzy showpiece of technology, SUVs are currently the must-have commodity. EQ will achieve this with their latest utility offering, the 2022 EQB EV SUV.


GLB Heritage With EQ Styling

The EQB is closely related to the GLB SUV, and as a result, the EQ version shares some of its most basic body lines with its gasoline-powered cousin. However, Mercedes stylists have given the EQB some model-specific cues. The front fascia features sharp swept back-looking headlights and a black panel that replaces the traditional front grille piece. The rear styling borrows a trick from the EQS, with the taillights being connected by a thin but elegant strip of LED lighting.

The EQB also comes with a sleek set of wheels designed to help enhance the EQB’s aerodynamic profile. As a whole, the styling here is very progressive looking, and the EQB’s lines could perhaps preview some potential design tweaks for the GLB, especially if the headlights are carried over to it.  Lastly, the EQB will fill a void for EQ with the model slotting between the smaller EQA and the EQC.


Elegant Interior Comes Packed With Utility

Along with the shared exterior lines, the EQB’s interior is also shared with the GLB, which is not bad since the cabin is already a sound design. In the case of the EQB, the cabin benefits from some new color and trim choices, with a stately rose gold finish being one of the options. Passengers still have plenty of room to stretch out and relax on long journeys, but due to the battery packs being mounted on the floor, foot and legroom does suffer a bit. Cargo space is also dinged by the batteries but look for the EQB to still be among the most spacious utilities in its segment.

If we had our way with the EQB, we would definitely try and go for the rose gold trim since it adds some much-needed contrast to the interior, and it also looks sharp. Look for the EQB to benefit from other style-focused options and even custom touches that aim to give it a more distinctive look.


All Electric Performance For The Long Haul

After its debut at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, the EQB will make its debut in the Chinese market first. When it does, the model will be powered by two electric motors that make a combined 288 horsepower and are paired to a standard all-wheel-drive system. Buyers in Europe will have access to an EQB450 model, which makes 268 horsepower, and a front-wheel-drive model good for 221 horsepower.

Both China and Europe are slated to get their EQBs sometime in the latter half of 2021. U.S. buyers will have to wait much longer for the EQB, with the first U.S.-bound examples not expected to make their way here till sometime in 2022. We hope to hear more about U.S.-specific details when that date arrives, especially regarding final performance specs.


The 2022 EQB will play an important role in EQ’s sales plans, especially as a figurative bread and butter model for the brand. With the EQC potentially out of reach for volume-focused buyers, the smaller EQB will be the best of both worlds. U.S. Pricing has not been released yet, but we suspect that a base model could theoretically start at just under $40,000. It won’t shock the world with bespoke tech like the EQS and the EQC. Still, its blend of familiarity and technology will allow it to be a good compliment to the smaller GLA and reach buyers looking for a more traditionally styled EV offering.