2017 Mercedes-Benz Concept A – Debuts Fresh Design in Shanghai

This new Mercedes-Benz concept feels a bit disingenuous.  On the one hand, we have a clear look at the next CLA-Class compact sedan.   But on the other, we have a heavy-handed effort to link this piglet with the 4-door AMG GT Concept.  Aka, the full hog.


Actually, we take most of that back.  The look of this Concept A is endlessly charming.  Its new LeMans-type grille with vertical slats meets ultra slimline LED headlights.  Wide intakes below leave no doubt as to how turbocharged and speedy MB’s always are.

Could the LEDs up front be even slimmer?  Yes.  Could they have less blue busy-ness to prove their hightech nature?  Yes.  And yes, there could be less overhang and more hood.

But on the good front, the Concept A fixes the droopy tail of the current CLA nicely.  It also shifts the stance rearward via a more upright C-pillar than the current model.

The tail is extra clean and impressive. Flush-mounted lamps and taut surfacing for the trunklid/bumper are fresh and, whisper it, almost Lexus-like.

Look for about three more A concepts over the next 18-months ahead of an all-new CLA around the 2020 modelyear.


2017 Mercedes-Benz Concept A