Cadillac Takes The Wraps Off 2022 CT4 and CT5-V Blackwing Models, 3 Things You Should Know

Cadillac certainly ramped up our expectations when the luxury car brand revealed that it would be teasing the 2022 CT4-V and CT5-V Blackwings at the Rolex 24 event in Daytona. With the past few teasers only offering heavily veiled glimpses of the two we weren’t expecting anything too wild. But Cadillac gave us a very unexpected surprise with this latest teaser offering our first fully unveiled look at the duo before they make their official debut in February. Here’s three things to know about Cadillac’s newest performance superstars


Familiar Styling Defines Blackwing Experience

For buyers hoping that the Blackwing models would offer a noticeable step up in aesthetics from the standard V-Series lineup, they may be a bit disappointed. The core styling theme here doesn’t stray too far from its V-Series source code, but observers will notice the tweaked front bumpers, with some extra attention being given to the corner intakes. As expected from something that offers more performance, bigger wheels are also on the menu with both model’s featuring forged magnesium alloy wheels.

Cadillac’s generosity didn’t extend to the rear fascia which remained just out of view. But we suspect that an equally tweaked rear bumper is part of the package as well as revised exhaust outlets versus their V-Series counterparts. In a world where M, AMG, and even Audi’s RS performance sub-brands rule the roost, Cadillac’s understated appearance might give it a slight disadvantage at first glance, but Cadillac is hoping to excel in other key areas


Proven Performance Hardware Will Be 2022 Blackwing Focal Point

One of them is performance and both the CT4 and CT5-V Blackwings will be aiming to impress with their performance hardware. We suspect that both of them will make liberal use of GM’s parts bin with the CT4 version using the same twin-turbocharged 3.6 liter V6 that once saw duty in the ATS-V. It made 464 horsepower in that model and chances are good that Cadillac engineers could massage a few more ponies out of the engine to help the CT4-V Blackwing have a better chance of taking on its German rivals in a vehicular dogfight.

As for the CT5-V Blackwing it will receive a very potent gift from the long departed CTS-V with that model potentially being powered by a supercharged 6.2 liter V8 engine. Sharing some of its DNA with the Corvette, this engine produced 640 horsepower when it first appeared and it could be a potent statement maker for CT5 owners. It’s unknown if any more power will be extracted from this particular engine but Cadillac is promising that the CT5-V Blackwing will be the fastest Cadillac ever built with a top speed that could hit the elusive 200 mph barrier.

A 6-speed manual transmission can be equipped to the Blackwing as well as novel carbon fiber infused sport seats with the latter most likely being limited to the CT5 version only. These little touches help bring some unique flair to the duo and come very close to replicating some of the distinct vigor and personality that helped define the original V-Series models.


Rarity Will Make These 2022 Blackwings Rare Birds

Cadillac recently confirmed that Blackwing buyers will have to act quickly if they want to secure their spot with each of them only having 250 available spots on the pre-order list. Taking your place in line will also require some financial commitment with customers being required to place a $1,000 deposit to formally secure their reservation.

Go through these initial hoops and you will be rewarded with a number of juicy freebies. They include a certificate of authenticity, the chance to take classes at Cadillac’s V-Series Performance Academy, and a mysterious free gift. Thankfully we won’t have to wait very long for our chance to have a full look at the 2022 Cadillac CT5-V and CT4-V Blackwings with Cadillac scheduled to take the wraps off on February 1st. In the meantime, Cadillac also released a brief video teaser of the two doing some final track testing which can be seen below.