Lamborghini teases topless supercar, promises massive amount of power

With the end of summer now upon us, it would seem only fitting that Lamborghini is celebrating the start of fall by teasing yet another special edition supercar with the company’s racing division (Lamborghini Squadra Corsa) releasing a lone teaser image via social media that’s already making us salivate with anticipation.

However, we’re not quite sure what we’re looking at here. Judging from some of the core characteristics that we see, it appears that the mystery offering is based on the current generation Aventador, but the orange hued body wrap appears to be the same one that was used to tease the Essenza SCV12. That’s even more apparent since it also retains the message “Attenzione Macchina Veloce” which is slapped onto the doors. That romantically exciting slice of Italian translates into “Attention Fast Machine” with the newly added Aperta broadcasting the fact that this is a roofless offering.

And it appears that the car is taking that topless principle very seriously, with the lone image appearing to not show any form of folding hard or soft top mechanism, and the visible lack of a windshield or door windows.  This would certainly allow the mystery offering to really get into the speedster spirit, but we wonder how a driver would react to flash rainstorms potentially soaking the interior at a moments notice. It’s also important to note that this came from Lamborghini’s racing firm (versus the road car branch) so perhaps all of those necessities were cleaved off for the sake of weight savings, aerodynamics, and other racing related benefits. A rear spoiler is also present on the back, which hints that Lamborghini is also eying a good amount of downforce to help keep the rear of the topless car planted during brisk cornering.


We don’t know when this particular model will be unveiled or what it will be called, but expect a virtual unveiling to take place in the near future. Also look for the company to continue making good use of the Aventador’s platform for other special edition offerings. That has always been the case for the brand’s range topping supercars, with the Murcielago generating its own share of special edition models during its long tenure in production.