Insider: What You Should Know About Buying a New Car

There comes a time in most people’s lives when it is time to buy a new car.  Perhaps you are starting a family, moving to a new place, or your old clunker finally gave out on you.  Whatever the case, there are similar guidelines to follow to make sure you get the car you need.  Here is what you should know before buying a car.

Consider Selling Your Old Car

Need some extra cash to invest in your new car?  There is no better way than to get rid of your old car.  There are many car buyers on the market that are hungry for your old car, so selling a car fast isn’t difficult.  Get a quote for your old car to give yourself a good head start to buying your brand new vehicle.

Check Your Credit History

Before you create your budget, you have to know the quality of tools at your disposal.  One of the most important of these is your credit history.  If you are like most people, you will need to obtain a loan in order to buy a new car.  Obtaining your credit history will give you an honest detail of what you can expect to get from lenders.  You are allowed one free copy of your credit report once a year from TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax.  Make sure you also get a credit score as well.  This will prepare you best for the loan process.

Know Your Budget

Car salesmen are notoriously persuasive.  If you do not go into the dealership with the right mindset, then you are in danger of falling for a price you did not intend to take. The best way to defend against this is to have a budget on hand.  Know your boundaries. You need to think about your economic security while you are making payments on a new car.  If the dealer cannot match your price after intense negotiation, then that is not the dealer for you.

Decide Which New Car You Want

You likely already have an idea of the car you want, but now that you have a budget, you can keep it in perspective.  If you are unsure, consider your lifestyle and needs.  Think about how many passengers you need to carry, how much you drive and in what conditions, which safety features are important to you, how much cargo capacity you need, whether you need all-wheel drive, how much parking space you need, and whether fuel economy and gas emissions are important to you.

Decide Whether You Want to Lease or Buy

You can change the game on which car you can have if you check your leasing and buying options.  Each, of course, have their own pros and cons.  For example, a lease requires little to no money down, which is appealing to people who need a quick fix if you can’t afford to make expensive monthly payments.  Leasing offers you the opportunity to drive a new car with cutting edge technology every time you take up another lease.  However, if you buy a car, you can modify the car to suit your desires, and in the long run your expenses will be lower.  There are pros and cons to both, but you can research them according to the individual aspects of the car you are interested in.

Get Quotes From Multiple Dealers

If you seek to buy, it is wise to check your options.  Remember, dealerships want to sell their cars to you.  They are well aware of competing dealerships.  Now you can get quotes from the internet from any dealer you choose.  You can receive free online pricing quotes from your local dealers.  Do not even visit a dealership until you know their original offer.  When dealers know that they have been pitted against other stores, you can guarantee that they will negotiate much more in your favor than you originally thought.

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