Lamborghini teases topless supercar, promises massive amount of power

With the end of summer now upon us, it would seem only fitting that Lamborghini is celebrating the start of fall by teasing yet another special edition supercar with the company’s racing division (Lamborghini Squadra Corsa) releasing a lone teaser image via social media that’s already making us salivate with anticipation. However, we’re not quite sure what we’re looking at here. Judging from some of the core characteristics that we see, it appears that the mystery offering is based on the current generation Aventador, but the orange hued body wrap appears to be the same one that was used to …

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HAMANN Lamborghini Aventador Roadster 8

HAMANN Lamborghini Aventador Roadster – Exotic Aerokit Banishes SV Envy

If your Aventador is the crown jewel in your fleet, you may be experiencing some dissonance at the moment. Your Lambo is no longer the coolest and newest variant. The SuperVeloce coupe and roadster are now the hottest on the block. But is the SV set of tweaks from Lambo really worth getting an entirely new machine?  What about the $500k you spent in 2013? HAMANN to the rescue! There are dozens of ways to soup up your Lamborghini, but this eight-piece kit is one of the most effective for SV-besting looks. It is quite exotic, and the bodywork changes help to …

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Novitec Toroado Aventador1 GIF

NOVITEC TORADO Lamborghini Aventador Is Hyper Sexy and Hyper Fast!

Despite the brazen execution of many hypercar customs, creating a package for such intense machines must be an intimidating task for many tuners. Not only must all the pieces surpass the amazing quality of the OEM car, but every upgrade must also be perfect, durable and flawless: — up close and in detail: inspection of a hypercar from up close is a huge part of the fun. so all the upgrades need to make you proud – even from two inches away. — at ultra-high-speeds, around racetracks delivering performance gains — on the way back from the track – with …

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Capristo Aventador Exhaust gif1

Lamborghini Aventador Becomes A Real Screamer With CAPRISTO Exhaust Upgrade!

  When you take your Lamborghini Aventador out on the town, you want to be able to scare pedestrians and tease other car-guys at the tip of a toe. No cars & coffee revving will be more impressive than this shouty pipe set from Capristo for the Lamborghini Aventador! All controlled with a simple remote. It ditches the factory sound-dampeners in favor of a true bellow from the heavens. This handily increases power to 750-hp on the Capristo dyno as well. Scary good fun from about $8,000. More info below from Capristo. The full details link to Capristo Germany, but …

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Aventador GIF12

Hypercar Showcase – 2014 Lamborghini Aventador Trumped Only By Aventador J and Aventador Roadster

As any bull-runner will know: the only thing scarier than one 2,000-pound beast with 18-inch horns on its head is three of them in lockstep sprint. Such is the Roadster, J — for Jota — and standard Aventador. The J is sold-out and no longer available, which is a huge shame for how amazingly cool its design is. No windshield at all on this one. Not passing US crash test/ rollover standards is a big issue toward putting the Jota forward to series production versus small-batch. Because even while the US market is no longer Lamborghini’s only cash cow bull, …

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