Frankfurt IAA 2015 – Showfloor Mega Gallery in 450 Photos

Yes, auto shows are an incredible rush for car lovers: a deluge of new and never-before-seen metal. Scooping even the online mavens, the Porsche Mission E and Mercedes-Benz IAA Concept stayed completely under wraps until their stage reveals.

All-new ideas, names and previews of the future will always be a highlight of the shows for the attendees.

But for a car hack, covering auto shows is a thankless task. The press days move 400-or-so journalists in lock step between press conferences. Spaced in about 15-minute intervals, the conferences are DULL but suck up 90-percent of your time in pre-show days.

Add to that: terrible lighting, muscle aches from bending to get low angle photos, technical issues, wi-fi limits. Hunger. Thirst.

And through it all — clueless people walling right into your shot.2.9s, 203MPH 2016 Ferrari 488 Spider - Frankfurt Gallery + Engine Audio MP3s

The combination drains emotional batteries as fast as actual Nikon or Canon batteries.

So we feel bad hating the photos emerging via news agencies from Frankfurt 2015. OEMs typically share just a few images in high-quality, but no article on CRD is just a few images.

This year’s snapper had multiple issues: artless angles, poor autofocus, and ever-present lighting problems.

Perhaps that is why he or she exhaustively uploaded 500-plus photos … yet missed all Japanese and American car brands. Or French.  Or Swedish. Very, very poor coverage there.But we do have every angle of the BMW 225 Active Tourer minivan. Yay.

Despite this photo set not showing them, there were more than 50 non-European brands at the show. We’re mining for better images, but have sat on these wretched pics for three days already…

So here they are!  We’re tweeting this article to the news agency upon publishing. Perhaps they could hook up (very affordable, incredibly gifted!)  snapper for the next shows.2016 Lamborghini Huracan SPYDER - Roof Sequence GIF1




Frankfurt IAA 2015 – Showfloor Mega GalleryFrankfurt IAA 2015 - Showfloor Mega Gallery 266 Frankfurt IAA 2015 - Showfloor Mega Gallery 268 Frankfurt IAA 2015 - Showfloor Mega Gallery 274